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Billi bilaði

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(Testing this out by copying format from Debonair Danny DiPietro.)


Q: Who am I?

A: Icelandic male. Been playing mafia since september 2007 on an icelandic site.

Q: Billi- what is the second to last symbol in your name? I had to copy and paste you name for the vote cause I don't know that symbol.

A: The pronounciation of ð (uppercase Ð) is similar to the th in mother, father & gather etc. If I need to write it without my national keyboard, then I use d (Billi biladi). (Now, to complete that lesson, its counterpart the þ (uppercase Þ) is similar to the Th in Thrush and Athens. While the ð can never be the first letter of a word by it self (only by putting e in front of it), the þ can only stand as the first letter of an accentuated part of a word.)



Games and Statistics

As of august 2015.

~~Mafia Record~~
3-1 (Total)
2-1 (Town)
1-0 (Scum)
0-0 (Other)
~~Record Breakdown~~
0-0 (Lynched)
0-1 (Night Killed)
3-0 (Survived/Endgamed)
0-0 (Other)

3-1 (When Surviving To Day 2)

Completed Games


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Newbie 1488 Ser Arthur Dayne One-Shot Bulletproof Survived Town Win Mar 22 2014 – May 19 2014 Original Player
Played a hyperactive Bulletproof to draw attention on day one (which worked). After a townie-lynch on day one, and no night kill, the two mafia members were lynched based on good town play from a number of players. Managed to catch Jake fSF in a lie about how he had changed his gameplay.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Newbie 1517 penguin_alien Town Tracker Killed night 2 Town Lost July 4 2014 – Aug 22 2014 Original Player
Got the right read on one of the scum (T S O (later Malakittens)), but was neither too sure of that read nor could I get any interest in a wagon. Ended up by mislynching and doing bad trackings. Goons had pretty smooth sailing and ended up with an easy win.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Micro 487 RedCoyote One-Shot Bulletproof Survived Town Win June 18 2015 – July 12 2015 Original Player
Pretty solid lynching of 1st scum on day one. Then, with 7 players alive on day 2, the 2 BPs came out and the other 5 all claimed VT. Two terrible mislynched followed. That is, they were terrible as I voted against my reads. Finally, 2nd scum (Klick) was voted out (although putting up a good fight), maybe mostly because of my decision to follow -hugs- reads from day 1 and believe in an "off-wagon" spot for the scum.


Name Moderator Role Fate Decision Time Entry
Mini 1690 Ozgin Mafia Encryptor Survived Mafia Win June 18 2015 – August 10 2015 Original Player
Everybody play the game... I think I pulled the victory from the clutches of a sure town win by keeping the right players alive. With two dead shot shots vigilantes that weeded out both my partners, and the serial killer having being lynched on day 1 I needed to stay as townie as possible. Somehow I pulled that off by adding to the silence of the last game day.

Ongoing Games