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About Me

Prefer to be a Pro-town Player. J townie opt16.gif

Joined July 14th, 2016.


This does not include games where I was replaced.

Mafia Record

Alignment Wins Losses Ties Win Percentage
Town 2 6 0 25%
Mafia 1 0 0 100%
Other 0 0 0 0%
All 3 6 0 33%

All Games Played

All of the following games are in chronological order, with the most recent being at the top.

The duration of games where I replaced in starts on the day I replaced in, not the game's overall start.

Name Moderator Role Fate Result Duration Entry Notes
Mini Normal 1980 TwoInAMillion Vanilla Townie Survived to Endgame Town Win December 28, 2017 to January 12, 2018 Original Player Decent game. Decent town. Decent play from me. Cop guilty D3 was amazing. A very quick win for town.
Mini 1932: Dedede Fusion Collab errantparabola - - Replaced D1 July 23, 2017 Original Player Couldn't commit. Didn't have time and I lost the drive to play mafia in general.
Mini Normal 1908 - In The Web XnadrojX Vanilla Townie Lynched Day 3 Mafia Win D5 May 2, 2017 to June 11, 2017 Original Player Mod error threw the game into an abyss. A gunsmith received a result N1 despite being roleblocked, so he wasn't given a result N3 to compensate for that. Figuring out the cause of that, unknown to the town, was a large factor into our loss, and overall bad play by town. Unquestioned fake-claim by scum Ircher guided mafia to victory. My play was meh.
BIOCHEMISTRY Antihero Vanilla Townie Lynched Day 3 Mafia Win D10 February 24, 2017 to July 8, 2017 Original Player Don't remember a lot after 5 months. Gotta be my least enthusiastic town game yet, though not my worst tbh. I really learned here that I'm horrible at articulating my thoughts, and that people's playstyles, egos, and whatnot play an unfortunately large role in their reads. My lynch felt like the result of that. Kinda broke my spirit for the game. Majiffy and TWIE were notable exceptions to this issue to me.
Large Normal 201 - House of Harmony inspectorscout Town PT Cop Killed Night 2 Mafia Win D6 January 8, 2017 to February 19, 2017 Original Player Town played pretty well, but a bus made by one of the mafia members sealed our loss. My play was awful; my only townreads were three of the six mafia members.
Undertale Mafia: Friends and Corpses Skullduggery Toriel: Town Priestess and 1-shot Universal Doctor Lynched Day 9 Mafia/Third-Party win D11 November 26, 2016 to February 5, 2017 Replaced SnarkySnowman Day 4 What a game. Started with only 1 scum who had tons of abilities and culted when they died. On Night 7, that scum member sent me a message and put me under the false assumption I was culted. The game was town's to win, but unfortunately we lost due to lack of motivation and negativity. The game had much more potential than what the players allowed there to be. Sorry, Skull.
Large Normal 197: Wordplay Mafia errantparabola Mafia Goon Survived until endgame Mafia Win D8 October 18, 2016 to December 26, 2016 Original Player Against hard odds, our team won! My first game as scum too. Very town-favored setup. Didn't do anything very special, but I survived! Great game!
Micro 649: Normal Idea Mafia Something_Smart Town 1-shot Role Cop Replaced in D2, Lynched D2 Town Win D5 October 11, 2016 to November 8, 2016 Replaced Itlepip D2 Unknowingly replaced someone who essentially gamethrew the whole game. There was no hope for me here; my lynch was predetermined. Despite that, I'm proud of my play. I identified the scumteam and got some attention on them before I was lynched.
Mini Normal 1832 xyzzy Town Tracker Killed Night 4 Mafia win D5 September 15, 2016 to October 7, 2016 Original Player Newbie Townie is Newbie
Micro 626: List of the Damned BBmolla One-shot Avoiding Townie - Replaced D1 July 18, 2016 to September 15, 2016 Original Player
Mini Normal 1814 Machiavellian Mafia Itlepip Town 2-shot Commuter Lynched Day 4 Mafia win D5 July 17, 2016 to September 2, 2016 Original Player Newbie Townie is Newbie, but for my first game, I think I did well despite losing in the end. It was a lot of fun too!

All Games Moderated

Name Status Back-up or Co-moderator(s) Reviewers Setup & Players Duration Notes
Mini Normal 1866 Moderated to Completion Ircher mykonian, mhsmith0, & Empking
1. mlmooney89, Town Odd-Night Role Cop, lynched Day 6
2. PantherPunt, Town Motion Detector, killed Night 5
3. Srceenplay, Vanilla Townie, endgamed Day 6
4. Anotora, Vanilla Townie, lynched Day 2
5. Pepchoninga, Mafia Encryptor, lynched Day 3
6. Alisae, Vanilla Townie, lynched Day 4
7. Elena Fisher, Mafia Modified Ascetic, lynched Day 5
8. Garmr, Town Non-Consecutive Watcher, killed Night 3
9. RadiantCowbells, Vanilla Townie, killed Night 4
10. Frozen Angel, Town 1-shot Rolestopper, killed Night 2
11. Secret Agent Jin, Vanilla Townie, lynched Day 1
12. Firebringer, Mafia 1-shot Roleblocker, survived to endgame
13. -Grey-, Town Weak Vanilla Cop, killed Night 1
January 2, 2017 to February 1, 2017 Pretty town-favored setup, but mafia still won in the end due to some serious misplays. For example, not lynching outted scum, claiming cop instead of role cop, a mass role claim that got the weak vanilla cop killed (but gave the watcher a guilty in the process so... eh). Even scum had a misplay in claiming their ascetic. Pretty wish-washy game, Firebringer was the MVP.