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Axelrod use to play mostly on MTGSalvation. Axelrod pretty much just lurks here these days, but occasionally tries to keep his toe in the water. You might just see him popping up from time to time.

(some of) my games. (I stole the formatting of this from another old timey player who isn't around much anymore either)

Newbie Games


  • #126: 7/11/05 - 8/15/05. Modded by Halfpint
    • Mafia, Survived. Mafia Win
    • This was a fun game, with some good discussion. I got to be scum with MeMe. Game ended Day 2 when the Cop (Seol) came out first thing in the morning fingering MeMe as scum. I then counter-claimed him, and MeMe and I managed to convince one of the two remaining townies that I was the one telling the truth and Seol was the scum. Good times.
  • #138: 9/3/05 - 10/19/05. Modded by inHimshallibe
    • Mafia, Survived. Mafia Win
    • I liked this one too, though the town was a bit handicapped with 3 replacements on Day 1. I still very nearly got lynched (3 votes with another townie expressing suspicions) but managed to survive the day. Day 2 the town went round and round in circles until one miscast vote allowed us to speed-lynch for the win.

Mini Games


  • #170, Time Travel Mafia: 3/11/05 - 4/20/05. Modded by Mathcam
    • Mafia, Survived. Mafia Win
    • The Time Travel Mechanic was very original, but it made my head hurt. Fortunately, things just fell our way this game.
  • #175, No Townie Mafia: 3/20/05 - 6/16/05. Modded by Coron
    • Role: Cultivator (Cultist Killer), Town, Killed Night 1. Town Wins
    • The idea was no vanilla townies, so there were a lot of odd roles running around. We lynched the Cult Leader Day 1, making my role kind of obsolete, and then I was Night-killed anyway (by the town Vig, I believe.)
  • #183, Quick and the Dead Mafia: 4/20/05 - 7/1/05. Modded by NanookTheWolf
    • Role: Spotted Horse, 1 time duel immune, Town, killed Night 2. Town Wins
    • Fun game with a Dueling Mechanic. I was voting for a Mafia on Day 1, when a Mod. error revealed the identity of the SK (a triggered SK, who activated upon claiming). The decision then was to mod-kill that player and go to Night, which sucked for that person, but allowed the game to go on. Then I got Night-killed.
  • #225, SuperHero Mafia: 8/23/05 - 10/31/05. Modded by Dranko20
    • Role: Batman, Vig., Town. Survived. Town Wins
    • One of my better games here. Horribly unbalanced with 3 Mafia + a SK in a 12 player game that started at Night, with kills allowed, but the Town still dominated. Town never mis-lynched and I vigged the Mafia GF on Night 2.
  • #240, WORST ROLE EVAR Mafia: 10/6/05 - 1/9/06. Modded by Fuldu
    • Role: Mafia GF, Lynched by request Day 5. No one Wins - which I am considering a draw
    • Craziest game ever. I was Mafia GF with NK immunity, except (1) the Mafia did not know who each other were (we knew role-names, but not player names), and (2) I needed to be dead in order to win. Then one of my two henchman mafia randomly killed the other one on Night 1. Still, I thought I had it when it got down to just me, my last mafia and 1 (supposed) townie. I spilled the beans and asked to get lynched, figuring the last Mafia could kill the townie in the Night and we would win. Of course, the last townie had a role that turned him into a SK with a Night-Kill ability and he killed the final Mafia right back. Everybody dead.
  • #641, Cheat Mafia: 11/15/2008 - 3/30/2009. Modded by iLord
    • Role: The Chatterbox, Mafia. Replaced in Day 1. Lynched Day 6. Town Wins
    • The Gimmick was there was a "Test" in the game that everyone started off knowing some of the answers to, but not all. You could try to cheat off other people's papers to find their answers. You got abilities based on how many answers you had. I lasted to the end, but basically got processed of eliminationed out by virtue of all the other actions that had occurred.
  • #704, The Hunchback of Notre Dame: 11/08/2008 - 2/14/2009. Modded by petroleumjelly
    • Role: Townsperson, Town. Replaced in Day 1. NK Night 4. Mafia Wins
    • Very frustrating game with no role-reveal + a Traitor role that would reveal as Town upon Lynch. Meant we as Town could never be sure of anything, including how close we were to losing. I guess I played okay. We got the Traitor lynched Day 1 (though, of course, we didn't know it at the time), and it came down to a three man end game where one of the two remaining townies (thestatusquo) gave up and self-voted.

Large Games


  • Duckburg Mafia: 3/1/05 - 8/23/05. Modded by Chief O'Hara (which was Mgm and someone I don't remember.)
    • Role: Bolivar, Watchdog, Town. Killed Night 2. Mafia Win
    • First game on this site, and first loss, though I accept no personal responsibility for it. There was some obnoxious amount of scum in this game (2 separate scum groups of 3 and 4, plus a SK), and my role was deliberately misleading and pointless (i.e. the role that I had the ability to "watch" for was not in the game at all, and I was secretly protecting members of one of the Mafia groups :/).
  • DP12, Jeepfest Mafia: 6/25/05 - 10/26/05. Modded by Dragon Phoenix
    • Role: Antrax, Mafia. Lynched Day 3. Town Wins
    • This, on the other hand was a very good game. I ran a gambit where I planted conflicting subliminal claims in my posts so that my fellow Mafia could use then against me at the right time to gain credibility. It almost worked. Problem was that the Mafia could not find the freaking Cop, who eventually came out on Day 6 fingering 2 scum. Still, there was a 5 minute window where a townie was voting for the Cop where we could have won outright if the last Mafia had been on line. But he wasn't, the townie unvoted, and we lost.
  • Roald Dahl Mafia: 10/4/05 - 3/31/06. Modded by Phoebus
    • Role: The Grand Witch, Mafia. Lynched Day 3. Villain Mafia and Unkillable Role tied
    • This game had 3 two-man scum groups, which gave very little margin for error for any one team. I didn't do so hot this time.
  • Wheel of Time Mafia: 5/11/06 - 9/30/06. Modded by Gleeman (which was Macros and Mastermind of Sin)
    • Role: Linadrin, Black Ajah. Killed Night 3. Cult Wins
    • This game was kind of borked, and my team in particular was screwed by circumstances we could do absolutely nothing about. Don't even get me started.
  • Lights Out 2 Mafia: 1/13/07 - 6/7/07. Modded by Rainbow Brite (Seol)
    • Role: Heather McNamara, Mafia. Replaced in Day 1. Lynched Day 6. Mafia Win!
    • This was pretty well played by the scum if I do say so myself. A good example of distancing tactics, as by the end, the living town members were certain that between myself and the other living Mafia (Thok), only one of us could possibly be scum. I got lynched and Thok took it home.
  • Doctor Who Mafia: 10/24/07 - 1/30/08. Modded by Battle Mage
    • Role: The Doctor, Town. Survived. Town Wins
    • Another crazy game, but fun for the most part. I got to be the Title role - an Unlimited Jack of All Trades, which is probably the most powerful role I've ever had. Game was disrupted due to an influx of players from another site who didn't adapt well to the Mafiascum playstyle. Lots of killing roles in this game and lots of scum death due to cross-fire. ABR (Town) played the worst gambit I've ever scene, claiming to be me (The Doctor) with a guilty result on Cicero (who was Town). I managed to avoid counter-claiming him and exposing myself. He then got killed by the Town vig. Town still ended up winning fairly handily.
  • Mature Mafia: 5/04/08 - 9/10/08. Modded by Emptyger (sort of)
    • Role: Vigilante/Player List Maintainer, Town. Killed N4. Mafia Wins
    • The gimmick was that there was No Mod. All the traditional Mod. duties were randomly distributed out amongst the players. This led to a lot of confusion and some frustration, and the Mafia basically ran over us. I was terrible, vigging 2 townies.
  • Mafia #93, A Roccisi Summer: 5/14/2009 - 8/14/2009. Modded by TDC
    • Role: Vanilla Town. Killed N3. Town Wins
    • Interesting modular role set-up (which I gather is one TDC has used a couple of times). Almost completely eliminates gaming the set-up via role-claim. I got NK before I really had a handle on everything.
  • A Clash of Kings Mafia: 6/01/2010 - 10/04/2010. Modded by Eddard Stark (hydra of faraday and Seacore)
    • Role: Thoros of Myr, Town. Lynched D4. Dual Mafias draw (last Mafia from each faction basically came to gentleman's agreement and refused to kill each other at the end)
    • Very flavorful game with some of the best writing I've seen. I was the Doc., and Town was doing well, but real life interfered with my ability to participate at the worst possible time, and I got speed-lynched D4 without even being allowed to claim. Game went downhill pretty fast after that. This was my first time ever being lynched as Town on this site, and it smarted.
  • Battle for Olympus: 4/18/2011 - 7/23/2011. Modded by Charon (hydra of Andrias Walker annd Danakillsu)
    • Role: Zeus, Greek Pantheon, Town. Killed N2. Greek Pantheon Wins
    • Another very creative game. Had a very strong role, with many 1-shot abilities + the ability to survive one death (including a lynch), and then promptly got killed by the one role with the power to do so (the Hera/SK role).
  • Judge, Jury, and Executioner Mafia: 7/20/2012 - 10/03/2012. Modded by Iceguy
    • Role: Mafia Goon, Mafia. Survived. Mafia Wins
    • Flawless Mafia victory here. The gimmick was the Town had 3 lynches each day, but lynching did not automatically = death. Instead, the lynched got sent to either the Judge/Jury/or Executioner for their ultimate fate, and the Mafia controlled who got sent where. There was some griping afterwards about how this set-up favored the Mafia, and it was true we were able to keep the one scum who kept getting lynched alive, but the other truth is that the Town was bad and we basically ran over them. Town had like 15 "lynches" this game and only ever hit 1 scum.
  • A Musical Mafia!: 3/21/2016 - 6/21/2016. Modded by Rob13
    • Role: Bruce Bechdel, Mafia Ninja, Mafia. Vigged N3. Town Wins
    • Fair game. Didn't play especially well. Mafia attempted kill N2 on the player who turned out to be the Cop failed and he subsequently pegged scum. Game was almost unrecoverable after that. Then I got vigged N3.
  • Kuribo in Wonderland: 5/18/2016 - 6/14/2016. Modded by FakeGod
    • Role: Erotic Tales of Kuribo, Town Mason. Survived. Town Wins
    • Pretty dominant Town victory here. It's nice to be a Mason....

Abandoned Games

  • Mafiascum Alphabet Soup: 10/31/05 - 2/15/06. Modded by NanookTheWolf
    • Role: Agrata the Anarchist, Mafia.
    • Game called Day Four. Still playing when game was called.
  • Back to Basics Mafia: 7/17/06 - 1/2/07. Modded by VisMaior
    • Role: The Boss, Mafia.
    • Still playing when game was called.
    • And we were totally dominating too....
  • Point Mafia Mega: 9/17/06 - 12/21/06. Modded by Armlx
    • Role: Town.
    • This game didn't even make it to the Day One lynch.
  • SBGTTKYAYHTST: 7/27/08 - 10/31/08. Modded by TheSweatpantsNinga
    • Role: Town, 1-shot vig.
    • I replaced into this game 9/11/2008
    • Mod-abandoned, town was in a fairly dominant position at the time with one Mafia down and a second about to be lynched.
    • The Title stood for "Some Bad Guys Trying to Kill You And You Have to Stop Them"

Misc. Statistics

Total Number of Completed Games: 22

  • Town Roles - 11 (50%)
  • Mafia Roles - 11 (50%)

Total Wins: 12

  • Wins when Town - 7 (64%)
  • Wins when Mafia - 5 (45%)


  • As Town - 1
  • As Scum - 4 (technicaly it's 5, but I needed to be lynched in WRE and asked for it)