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Aunt Jemina

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"If you get to be as old as I an, specific letters will blemd together."


Open 449: Switch Mafia

Status: Completed.
Jennie's role: Vigilante (killed N1).
Result: Scum win (loss).

Memorable Quotes

"Cool it, Auntie."
--Voidedmafia, upon Auntie's replacing in.

"The scum took them away, deary. The reason I'm in this game is to take them back. ;)"
--Aunt Jemina.

"You know she's going to say something dumb like, "I'm just an old lady with no powers" or something like that."
"Sorry to burst your bubble, but I'm pretty sure that's the real Aunt Jemina."
"This self-picture was obviously taken from a camera phone pointed at a mirror she's holding up."
--Jal, picturing Auntie's avatar.

"This old lady inherited a gun from a kind young man named Krazy. Unfortunately, the one delivering it, our kind moddie, neglected to mention if it had been used yet. (In you youngster's terms, congrats; you just outed your fucking vig.)"

--Aunt Jemina, when forced to claim.

"Respect your elders."
--Aunt Jemina, bah post after crosskilling a scum player.

"Aunt, you were the best player in the game. I am very serious. I wish I knew your main. Please play with me in every game. I love yoouu"

--Jal, to the dead Auntie.

Micro 59: At One Fell Swoop

Status: Completed.
Jennie's role: Townie (survived).
Result: Town Win.

Memorable Quotes

"Before I say anything else, one question burns. Are you aware that you spelled it incorrectly?"
"If you get to be as old as I an, specific letters will blemd together."
--Aunt Jemina.

"The player seems fairly polite and capable of dropping it when things get more serious; that's how a posting gimmick should go, even if the letters do blemd together."

--Tierce, in the dead quicktopic

"CES, if you're still around, what do you make of Aunt Jemima's posts?"
"Two thumbs up!"
--Cogito Ergo Sum.

Open 446: C9++ (Avast! Viruses!)

Status: Over.
Jennie's role: Innocent Child (killed N4).
Result: Scum win (loss).

Memorable Quotes

--Aunt Jemina, realizing her mistake after death.

"Aunt Jemina if you go through with this I will wreck havoc all over this thread. I will incinerate you and your ideals, leaving cinders that will carry your putrid aroma. Every bottle of syrup that you make in the future will carry the stench of your burning flesh. No one will ever be able to enjoy you in the future. And I will make damn well sure that this happens.

I will break you until you can bear no more. I will create havoc on this thread and my mark will be seen all around Earth. Its tears will not be rain, for even in destruction, water brings forth prosperity, health, and rejuvination. Its cries will not be thunder or lightning for even those benefit Earth's constantly shifting state of equilibrium. No. Earth's tears will be the magma that pulsates from the core. The cracks I create in the surface will ooze and bubble with the molten rock reshaping what you have come to know. Like the ground after a volcanic flow, you will not be able to recognize yourself. Its cries will be the shattering noise of an earthquake, creating more destruction and even more tears. Nothing will be peaceful and nothing will be easy."


"Give me some time to actually respond (and stab an Aunt Jemima bottle). "

"I will drown Aunt Jemina in a pool of her own rancid syrup. Fun fact: Real Maple Syrup is much better than the artery rotting Aunt Jemina."

"This little old lady is a bottle of fucking maple syrup. she probably has dementia as well."

"Aunt Jemina, what syrup residue are you smoking?"

"Aunt Jemina, not Jemima as I figured out the hard way, now joins us."
--Yabbaguy, dead QT.

You could be anyone Mafia

Status: Over.
Jennie's role: Mafia Rolecop.
Result: Scum win.

Memorable Quotes

"I propose a massclaim. This is a serious proposal."

--Aunt Jemina's first post.
"Really cant beleive the mass role claim is going ahead lol. first a name claim, then a full roleclaim. Playing right into scum hands"
--JasonT1981, dead QT, on massclaim.
"Putting this on record now, as a dead townie....I WILL NEVER MASS CLAIM D1 AGAIN!!!!"
--IAmInnocent, dead QT, on massclaim.

"I love that I was firmly against massclaiming, I flip town, and now the town is going after AuntJ, for, low and behold, massclaiming!"
"AuntJ is obv town, her wagon including the same people that went after Monkey and Daumis and the speed with which it grew is just proof."

"I'm going with either genuine or just plain wrong-town for now, perhaps I'll change my mind in the future but the willingness to claim first in any massclaim and then have us consider the role basically writes AuntJ off as town or a crazy hardcore gambit by scum."


Note from Jennie: It was a crazy hardcore gambit by scum.

"My value on the team has been lessened thanks to me having essentially rolecopped the whole town."
--Auntie Jennie, mafia QT.
"And, if scum, Aunt Jemina has succeeded in rolecopping the entire town, making her expendable."
--PeregrineV, the day after.

"Does she have to post like this?"

"You dearies speak to this old lady as if she is already dead. I may be old, but I am not that old. >.>"
--Auntie Jennie, neighborhood QT.

"If'n I die, my last thought is "Oh, shit...""

"I'm going to stick to my guns like my maple syrup."
--Aunt Jemina.