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Tumblr inline ofheh3KIKA1r3leyb 540.png This user plays Mafia. (Talk)


Call me Ghost.

About Me

  • S/her pronouns.
  • Snarky yet kind.
  • Playing mafia since 2015.
  • Joined MS in late 2017.
  • Has an occasional good idea amongst all the bad ones!
  • Loves creating games, not so good at balancing them.
  • Volunteer for the Wiki Tiki Tavi.
  • Veteran Mod of the MafiaScum Moderator Society.
  • If you ever want someone to look at your setup, don't be afraid to shoot me a PM.
  • If you see my avatar changing from one picture to the next, I'm probably bored.

Play Style

  • Unless I'm V/LA, I will try to post at least once every 24 hours.
  • Likes to poke and prod.
  • Breaks out into sarcasm and snark when confronted with circular reasoning.
  • Is prone to throwing out wild and/or crazy suggestions.
  • Occasionally, my reading comprehension goes out the window.
  • ... along with my sense of reasoning.
  • Can Town and Scum Hunt.
  • Loves to bounce ideas off of others.
  • Not above pushing a policy lynch.
  • Touts the rhetoric that role=/=alignment, but sometimes will lean back into this argument without thinking.
  • Continuous Improvement!


Setup Creations

Mod Record

  • Limbo - Hardship [Scum] Victory

Play Record