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Anonymafia, or Anonymous Mafia, is a variation on Mafia that is played exclusively with alts. These alts are "owned" by the moderator and are "loaned" to the players for the duration of the game.

The general purpose of Anonymafia games is to create an environment where metagaming does not play a part. It can also allow for unique game mechanics, such as the capacity for the moderator to lock a player out of their alt and allow someone else to take it over (usually for third-party "shapeshifters" or Cults).

Notable Games

Mini 1885 by Varsoon. Played with anonymous accounts granted access to the game's private topic to prevent altslips.

Micro 781: Lone Wolf by northsidegal. Played with 8 players, with the 1 mafia member taking control of two mafia slots.