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Annadog40 (Born May 2, 2015) is a Mafia scum user who is alive.

Prefer to be a Cultist. J procult sign opt16.gif

Pre life

Back before she was born, she used to poke things with a stick. One day, she tried to poke the stick with the stick and it broke. Annadog40's life was thrown in a tumbleweed of confusion. All was lost until she discovered the Beatles.

She Beatled for a bit then stumbled on Mafia scum some how.

Early Life

When she first was a person, she went and played the mafia games, her habit of making a bunch of threads didn't develop much, only one 2015 thread. In mafia she started not having as much fun and kinda left the site until 2016ish.


Annadog40 eventually went to discussion side for some reason. She stopped playing mafia for most part and made a bunch of threads.


your posting style makes me happy for a reason I can't quite understand - Shaziro

Anna, I just want you to know that your posting style of quirky weirdness is endearing to me and makes my time on this miserable hellsite just a bit better - Kuribo

Anna, I hope you know how much of a treasure you are. People like you injecting fun into communities are important. - chamber

tbh i think anna is smarter than trump, and more enjoyable to be around - inspecterscout

Annadog I'm glad you found our goofy little community - Papa Zito

Anna you're great you know that - ConManMick

annadog is gr8 - Spiffeh

anna breathed some life into the SE - Errantparabola

She stuck to her guns, you gotta give the kid moxie - Shadoweh

I think Annadog40 ehs a pretty cool guy. Eh fights aliens and doesnt afraid of anything - Elbirn

I gave her a lowish score but would have rated her higher had i seen some more of her posts i think - Faraday

you make my day a little better every time you have another crazy idea <3 - mykonian

You have done well so far. You have brought beauty into this world. See that you continue - Ether

annadog40 is a quality forum user - caledfwitch

shes sort of just a force of nature at this point - hiplop

my impression of annadog is that she is the elemental embodiment of arbitrariness - implosion

annadog is the best tbh - MTD

Sometimes watching anna [talk] is like staring into the void but also someone is like playing circus music while you do it - Thestatusquo

anna pcool though - TheButtonmen

every time annadog is in the chat i feel like i'm in another plane of reality - Chara

Anna ur easily one of my favourite postesr - RadiantCowbells

Adog why do you always post the best content - beeboy

Annadog how are you on point 100% of the time - Chevre

ya she's cool - schadd_

anna i like your refreshing pov - The_Jester

so i was last active on this site around the end of 2014 since then has annadog become a meme of a person on this site - Mathdino

You are a nice person. - Espeonage

Ever the problem solver - your positive mental attitude is something that should be admired - profii

[Anandog40] was one of the very very first ppl on the site who made me feel welcome and she's got an awesome sense of humor - The Worst

Annadog40 is the best composer I've ever met, I adore her masterpiece 'Custom Song 4'- vonflare

anna I aprticipated in another one of your legendary threads. I know I won't be disapointed - Frozen Angel

you as a person are a lovely person to interact with - Taly

You entertain me - DeathNote

I think annur would be a good cult leader - Firebringer