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Large Themed 1/2/0

Lost: Survivor/ loss

Theology Trivia: Book one; Bible verse mafia : Cult recruited/ tie win

Cultural Revolution: Peixuan Li, Li Family Mason/ loss

Large Regular 0/1/2

Kingmaker II: replaced

Mafia 49: Speedy KQ's Big New York Game: Townie (replaced by Primate)/ loss

Mafia 47: Kingmaker Scum/ loss

Coney Island 2/3/2

372: CVR Missionary Mafia: Mod Abandoned

323: Mormon Town II: Agnostic I/ loss

318: Simon: Pro-town rb/ loss

315: Dune: Mod Abandoned

285: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: Charlie Bucket (townie)/win

284: Kidz Lemonade Stand: Ted Whisper (mason)/win

270: Mormon Town: Godfather/ loss

Little Italy 1/3/3

368: Town of Suspicion: Cop (replaced)

355: Starcraft:Mafia Cop (replaced)

319: Most Mountainousest Town/loss

301: Berry Kingdom Mafia II Cherry Mafia/ win

287: Rebellion: Mod abandoned

262: Horror in Huddersfield: Abraham Lincoln Mayor/ loss

254: Wages of Sin: Mason/loss

Newbies 6/9/0

287: Town/loss

279: Town/ win

255: Scum/loss

253: Town/ win

237: Town/ loss

227: Scum/ loss

213: Town/ win

208: Town/win

187: Town/ loss

174: Town/loss

173: Scum/won

169: Scum/loss

157:Cop/ loss

155: Town/ lost

147: Town/ won