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Avatar alnkpa.jpg This user plays Mafia. (Talk)

Prefer to be a Pro-Mafia Player. J promafia sign opt16.gif

alnkpa is a fairly new member of the MafiaScum community. English is not his mothertongue so please forgive him any bad wordings. Please notice furthermore that his name is written with a lowercase a. This is because of the origin of his name which he might reveal in a really bad drinking session.


Newbie 1246

Moderator: Untrod Tripod
Status: In Progress – Day 1

Newbie 1081

Role / Death: Goon, Replaced Out on Day 2
Fun Rating: RCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.png
Mod Rating: RCstar.pngRCstar.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.pngRCstarempty.png
Backup Mod: