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Game History

Large Themes

The Fall of Gondolin

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Theme Plum Town Town Godfather Started Lynched Day 1 13 days 0/1 Town Win
My role was really weird, but cool: I could have a player kill another player at night; if the killing player was scum, no kill would occur. I was very excited to use it, and it was by far the strongest town PR in the game. Unfortunately, I was lynched by a town-driven wagon with little to no justification Day 1. My claim only made players think I was an SK. Town played very competently through analysis and strong PR Night Actions. Tierce put up quite a resistance against her lynch. Desperado, her buddy, took a giant risk by defending her hardcore. When she was lynched, he had almost no hope of surviving the next day (he did not). Scum made a few other tactical errors early in the game as well.


Open 547: White Flag

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
White Flag Skullduggery Town Vanilla Townie Replaced Day 3 Endgamed 24 days 0/2 Mafia Win
Replaced in after Town had mislynched twice. The game was seriously harmed by the site-wide loss of posts, which included most of Day 2 (including the final VC and lynch). Analysis was difficult for me, but I finished with strong scumreads on 2 of the 3 scum. Day 3 was a disaster, with a vehement town wagon on pisskop, who was clearly town. He was lynched over my protests. Day 4 ended when Majiffy (town) voted for don_johnson and scum helped quickhammer. I should have been more forceful, but the loss of posts was very frustrating. Moreover, none of the town players were really playing identifiably as such.

Open 545: Nothing to Hide

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
JK++ PeregrineV Town Vanilla Townie Replaced Day 4 Endgamed 9 days 0/2 Mafia Win
Replaced in after Town had mislynched three times. The town, which one would expect to be competent given the player list, was one of the worst I have ever seen, with players tunneling other town players for no reason and refusing to scumhunt. Even worse, two PRs botched their claims entirely, with one lying about being a VT and the other messing up his night actions. Since scum could be lying about being PRs, these two were obviously under suspicion because of their claims. This was the worst massclaim I have ever seen, and fitz ruined the game by lying (claiming VT initially). A quicklynch happened on one of the PRs, with a town player (SalmonellaDreams) sheeping scummily. The next day, we had one confirmed town, and I voted the only remaining townie (SD). SD had lurked through the game, posting only to jump on wagons right before lynch. Bad, bad play. The two scum barely had to do anything all game, and were not connected with each other at all. Overall, this game was a complete disaster and basically a showcase of what not to do as town.

Open 540: a C9++

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
C9++ pieceofpecanpie Mafia Goon Started Survived 72 days 3/3 Mafia Win
My first mafia win in quite some time! I had an excellent team of DeasVail and Jordan (whose slot went through several replacements). The town did not really ever suspect them, although one townie (cxinlee slot) had me pegged pretty early on. The town suffered from several strong personalities and one wildcard (RadiantCowbells), making it easy to avoid attention and secure mislynches. The Vig (beastcharizard) had to claim Day 1, so we RBed him every night in order to produce some nice WIFOM, which actually worked. Faking scumreads on the most suspected townies was also relatively easy given that no one seemed to expect strong evidence. The night before below lylo (N3), Jordan suggested that we secure a win aggressively with a cop fakeclaim. He executed it wonderfully and enough of the town was convinced that we got our final mislynch. The game ended with our NK. I was probably the weakest member of the team, but we managed to work together well enough to feel confident of our chances throughout the game.

Open 543: Pick Your Poison

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Pick Your Poison JerryArr Town 2-shot Vigilante Replaced Night 2 Survived 6 days 1/1 Town Win
I replaced in for the Vig. Town had lynched scum Day 1 after an IC claim, and scum fakeclaimed Cop Day 1. Day 2 the real Cop counterclaimed, leading to a quick lynch on scum the second day. I had one shot left (my predecessor had shot Night 1) that I did not use on Night 2. After I claimed early Day 3, we had three confirmed PRs and five unconfirmed scum. We had four town kills, so only if the Town left the scum alive until the end would we lose. Such advance planning was hardly necessary, however, since the third scum was obvious enough to all that he was lynched quickly on Day 3. Perfect Town Win.

Open 535: Enemy of my Enemy

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Enemy of My Enemy thenewearth Werewolf Goon Replaced Night 2 Survived 52 days 1/2 Draw (3-way)
This game was an unlikely success for me. I replaced Banakai, whose partner, RationalMadman, had basically outed him and gotten himself lynched because he was trolling the game. The Mafia squad investigated me Night 2, so I came in as a dead man walking. I ended up surviving by claiming scum and offering my services to the town. Unbelievably, they let me live. I ended up surviving for several days, all the way to an unlikely draw. I did impress myself by being able to peg the scum team exactly. The game ended when the scum team claimed and went for a draw, saying I deserved to share the win. A bizarre, but enjoyable game, and probably one of the very few where a claimed scum has not lost.


Micro 301: Cult C9

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Micro Wisdom Town/Cult Vanilla Townie/Cult Started Lynched Day 2 22 days 0/2 Town Win
Started off town; was recruited Night 1. This was an odd choice, because I had the Recruiter (TheIrishPope) pegged near deadline Day 1, when he refused to hammer a player. Perhaps this compelled him to recruit me. This put him in a difficult position since there was no way I would tolerate any lynch but his after he refused to hammer Day 1, for which there was no conceivable town motivation whatsoever. Flip-flopping overnight would have been too obvious. On the other hand, had he recruited someone else, I would have pushed for his lynch with my dying breath. I was lynched after a guilty result from the Inquisitor, and the rest of the Cult team was nabbed soon after. TIP was pretty transparent to the town.

Micro 307: Offense or Defense Mafia

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Micro RedCoyote Town Vanilla Townie Started Killed Night 1 18 days 0/1 Town Win
Wisdom dominated most of the play D1. Although he was very aggressive, his thought process was for the most part opaque and he was in general not interested in engaging with other players, instead relying on his reads and justifications as self-evidently true. They were spot on by the end of the day, but I was unwilling to sheep him, in part because some of his reasoning was based on play that I did not even find scummy. I was obviously in error, and was NKed overnight. RachMarie was too, so scum obviously chose the Offense option. BROseidon was suspected immediately on Day 2 (he was the second-largest wagon Day 1), especially given Wisdom's town flip. He was lynched in short order.

Micro 311

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Micro TheButtonmen Town Vanilla Townie Started Vengekilled Day 1 2 days 0/1 Mafia Win
Really short game. I pegged Silveure after he hammered. Thesp's reluctance to vote was also a red flag for me. Unfortunately, phokdapolees vengekilled me after Silveure hammered, so Town lost. Was one of the shortest games ever.

Micro 280

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Micro DoctorPepper Mafia Goon Started Lynched Day 5 48 days 3/5 Town Win
Difficult game because of inactive scum partner. Soft bussed him but still tried to swing another lynch late Day 1; partner was lynched. Lasted until lylo and managed to make the deciding vote uncertain, but he still voted me for the loss. The fact I lasted that long was still somewhat of an accomplishment.

Micro 279: Uncommon Mafia

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Micro BBmolla Town Town Compulsive Self-Vanillaizer Replaced Day 1 Modkilled Day 2* 20 days N/A Arsonist Win
Modkilled (my predecessor's fault) quickly and then stopped following this game.

Micro 274

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Micro AngryPidgeon Town Vanilla Townie Replaced Day 2 Lynched Day 4 17 days 1/3 Mafia Win
This was quite an interesting game, although it was ultimately ruined by bad town play. Yates, who was scum, fakeclaimed tracker with a guilty result on his partner, DoesBoKnow. The real Tracker, Wake88, had actually tracked DBK, decided to counterclaim instead of just following along with the lynch. This was a terrible move, since he was of course NKed the following night. Our town Rolecop outed other PRs, and I was quicklynched on Day 4 when the other townie voted me in his very first post. While I enjoyed the game, it certainly lengthened my blacklist. Yates' fakeclaim was particularly impressive.

Micro 235: NikPick IV

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Micro Nikanor Mafia Neighborizer Semi-Global-Commuter Replaced Phase 2, Day 3 [1] 12 days 0/1 Town Win
NikPick IV was a hot mess. It was plagued by frequent replacements, with several slots having changed hands more than once. In a micro, the impact of these replacements is huge. The players also felt like the game dragged on, since there were three phases (we only got to the second). No flips was frustrating for many players, but required because of the setup. I did not mind Nikanor's unorthodox setup, but it certainly did lead to a long and frustrating game. Replacing in so late was difficult because I cold not strategize with my scumbuddies, which would have been necessary for a win given the complex mechanics. All in all, this game whimpered until it died.


Mini 1535

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Normal SXTLHGaiden Town Vanilla Townie Started Endgamed 54 days 0/4 Mafia Win
Scum had a perfect win this game. The scum team played well, being suspected and wagoned several times throughout the game but never with any real traction or follow-through. VCA was very difficult because every lynch was a mislynch. They did not even really have to lead the town, which dug its own grave. The game also suffered because lurkers and VIs were permitted to live to the endgame. My strong desire to lynch kush lasted throughout the game, leading to his mislynch Day 4. The game stalled significantly on the final day, with votes split between kush and Surye (scum). Because of the unwillingness to lynch Surye, I assumed scum was reluctant to bus kush, but I imagine they were attempting to coordinate a quicklynch. In that sense, I am directly responsible for the mislynch that day, although given kush's play, my desire to see him gone was not unjustified. Congrats scum -- four mislynches in a row is impressive.

Mini 1532: Mac's Mini Normal

Type Moderator Faction Role Entry Fate Lifespan SWA Outcome
Normal Mac Mafia Goon Replaced Day 1 Lynched Day 2 22 days 0/1 Town Win
This was quite a bizarre game. My play as scum was terrible, but I had only recently started playing on MS again so that probably affected my play. Replacing in the middle of a day as scum is always difficult. I bussed SoS but did not do so convincingly, and I misread one of his posts and attempted to justify my vote using it. It looked off to everyone, but it was a genuine mistake rather than a scummy bus attempt. I was investigated Night 1 and there was no way out after that. The last scum, hayato, played very well and survived several days after I was lynched, even after he vehemently yet vaguely defended me Day 2.

Modded Games

Mini 1550: Mean Girls Mafia

Micro 319: Cult Vengeful