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Phillip head of Terrance and Phillip hydra with AcRv, my brother.

Outside of the hydra, I'm quite capable of pretending to be a functioning member of society.

Games Played

Mini Normal 1216, as Vanilla Townie
80's Song Mafia, as Lady Gaga's Poker Face
Mini Normal 1252, as Mafia Goon
Open 361, Carbon-14, as Vanilla Townie (mostly lost in rollback/crash/thing)
Prisoner's Dilemma, as Vanilla Townie, totally lost in the crash
Open 377, Chosen Mafia, as Mafia Goon
Worst Roles Mafia, as Guilty Child
Open 396, Nomination Mafia, as Vanilla Townie
Saw Mafia, as Detective Allison Kerry
Open 419, Diffusion of Power, as Night-one Doctor
Micro 16, as Mafia Goon
Open 444, Nightless Vengeful Mayhem, as Vanilla Townie
Newbie 1292, SEing as Sane Cop
You Could Be Anyone Mafia, as David Duchovny
Mini Normal 1402, as Mafia Encryptor
Mini Normal 1464, as Town Tracker
Micro 123, as Town One-Shot Lie Detector
Mini Normal 1606, as Vanilla Townie
Open 576, Enemy of My Enemy, as Werewolf Amnesiac Cop
Frog Mafia, as Frogger
Open 576.1, Enemy of My Enemy, as Vanilla Townie
Open 582, Stack the Deck, as Mafia Goon

Replaced Into

Open 458, Carbon-14, as Vanilla Townie
Open 504, Masons and Mafia, as Mafia Goon

As Terrance and Phillip

Open 397, Pick Your Poison, as Mafia Goon


Wins Loss Draws Total
Town 7 8 1 16
Mafia 4 3 1 8
Third-Party 0 0 1 1
Total 11 11 3 25
  • Including games played as Terrance and Phillip
  • Not including ongoing games
  • Games which ended in unforseeable circumstances (mod error, rollback, etc.) recorded as draw.