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About Me

I have been active on the site since November 2015. I mostly play mafia during the summer and during Christmas holidays when I have more free time available.

Contact Me

If you would like to leave me a message on the wiki, please post it at User Talk:Ircher. Be sure to add a signature. If you would like to contact me via the forums, please shoot me a PM.

Unless it is marathon weekend and related to a marathon, please do not try to contact me by Discord. Contacting me on the forums by PM is almost always going to be the fastest way to contact me. In the case of Discord, I don't always receive notifications, and I don't always frequently check Discord unless there is a reason for me to do so. (Also, it's not at all a preferred method to contact me.)


Marathon data has been excluded.


An overview of my success (Ties count as 1/2 a win)
Alignment Played Won Lost Tied Win Percentage
Town 56 22 33 1 40.2%
Mafia 16 6 10 0 37.5%
Werewolf 0 0 0 0 N/A
Alien 1 0 1 0 0.0%
Neutral Third Party 2 1 1 0 50.0%
Self-Aligned Third Party 0 0 0 0 0.0%
Cult 1 1 0 0 100.0%
Totals 77 30 46 1 39.6% (NF: 39.6%)

Power Role Distribution

What types of power roles I've had. (Win/Loss)
Type Played Won Lost Tied Win Percentage
Vanilla 31 12 19 0 38.7%
Investigative 9 2 7 0 22.2%
Killing 7 3 3 1 50.0%
Protective 5 1 4 0 20.0%
Roleblocking / Rolestopping / Jailkeeping 5 2 3 0 40.0%
Redirecting 1 0 1 0 0.0%
Mixed 4 1 3 0 25.0%
Negative Utility 3 2 1 0 66.7%
Informative/Miscellaneous 12 7 5 0 58.3%
What types of power roles I've had. (Alignment)
Type Played Town Scum Third Party
Vanilla 31 27 4 0
Investigative 9 6 3 0
Killing 7 4 2 1
Protective 5 5 0 0
Roleblocking / Rolestopping / Jailkeeping 5 4 1 0
Redirecting 1 0 1 0
Mixed 4 2 2 0
Negative Utility 3 2 1 0
Informative/Miscellaneous 12 9 2 1

Death Distribution

How I've died in games (Win/Loss)
Method Played Won Lost Tied Win Percentage
Eliminated 28 6 22 0 21.4%
Night Killed 15 4 11 0 26.7%
Endgamed or Alive or Forced Exit 25 17 7 1 70.0%
Day Killed 5 3 2 0 60.0%
Triggered Death 2 0 2 0 0.0%
Force-Replaced 1 0 1 0 0.0%
Modkilled 1 0 1 0 0.0%
How I've died in games (Alignment)
Method Played Town Scum Third Party
Eliminated 28 21 10 0
Night Killed 15 15 0 0
Endgamed or Alive or Forced Exit 25 20 4 1
Day Killed 5 4 1 0
Triggered Death 2 0 2 0
Force-Replaced 1 1 0 0
Modkilled 1 0 0 1

Survival Distribution

How long I survive in a game (Win/Loss)
Phase Played Won (Survived) Lost (Endgamed) Tied (Survived) Win Percentage (Survived)
Day 1 / Night 1 19 6 + 1 => 7 12 + 0 => 10 0 + 0 => 0 36.8% (5.3%)
Day 2 / Night 2 19 3 + 4 => 7 12 + 0 => 12 0 + 0 => 0 36.8% (21.1%)
Day 3 / Night 3 21 3 + 5 => 8 10 + 2 => 11 1 + 0 => 1 38.1% (23.8%)
Day 4 / Night 4 7 1 + 2 => 3 1 + 2 => 3 0 + 1 => 1 50.0% (35.7%)
Day 5 / Night 5 7 1 + 4 => 5 2 + 1 => 3 0 + 1 => 1 78.6% (64.3%)
Day 6 / Night 6 2 0 + 0 => 0 0 + 2 => 2 0 + 0 => 0 0.0% (0.0%)
Survived (Note: Also included in above.) 14 13 0 1 96.4%
How long I survive in a game (Alignment)
Phase Played Town Scum Third Party
Day 1 / Night 1 18 14 3 1
Day 2 / Night 2 15 11 4 0
Day 3 / Night 3 16 10 5 1
Day 4 / Night 4 4 4 0 0
Day 5 / Night 5 5 4 1 0
Day 6 / Night 6 2 2 0 0
Endgamed/Survived 18 14 4 0

Game History


Completed Games History
Entry Number Username Type Number Start Date Title Alignment Role Outcome Status Result Notes
77 Ircher Micro 1051 Apr 6, 2022 Minimalist Micro Normal Town Mason Mafia win Killed N2 Lost I was very wrong on the Tracer read, but I think the rest of my reads weren't that bad. Scum played pretty well, and it was nice to play with the worst again.
76 Ircher Mini Theme 2264 Feb 22, 2022 Fusion UPick Town Ringmaster Town win Eliminated D3 Won I'm surprised we won. This setup was pretty interesting.
75 Ircher Large Theme Na Jan 4, 2022 Control Mafia The Anchor (JOAT Ninja, Strongman, Janitor) Mafia and 3rd party win Eliminated D2 Won I think I played okay. I died early, but I managed to avoid the D1 lim which was all that really mattered here.
74 Ircher Mini Theme 2261 Feb 1, 2022 Grand Idea: Deflated Bubble Town Neighborizer Neighbor Town Win Killed D1 Won I'm a bit upset that House exploded me Day 1.
73 Ircher Large Theme Na Nov 5, 2021 Anything uPick Town Mean Value Theorem (Dawn Voyeur) Mafia Win Eliminated D1 Lost It was not a particularly good game for me, but part of that was just not really trying that hard. Scum played pretty well overall even if they got hard-carried by one of them.
72 Ircher Mini Theme 2220 Jun 28, 2021 Silent Star 4: Yin and Yang Town Vanilla Town Win Killed D4 Won What an amazing setup by Hectic! I didn't do a really good job here, but town pulled it out.
71 The Resistance Large Theme Na Jul 14, 2021 Not Quite Normal Multiball Town Vanilla Town Win Alive D3 Won morph did it again! I didn't do much here, but I'll credit Titus and me with preventing Dannflor from immediately being eliminated despite the "slip" claim.
70 Ircher Large Theme Na May 26, 2021 Yggdrasil Town Gunner Town Win Alive D5 (Stratum 9) Won morph just crushed scum.
69 Ircher Mini Theme 2212 May 17, 2021 Ircher's Grand Idea Mafia Antitown Doctor Switch Antitown Win Alive D2 Won I was amazed by the number of vigs in the game.
68 Ircher Mini Theme 2210 May 9, 2021 Mini Theme 2210: The Deck of Astral Roles Town Luke Hobbs Mafia and Werewolf Win Killed N2 Lost I didn't have as much fun as I would've liked this game. I didn't get to use my ability D1 because of a very fast hammer, and I never successfully killed anyone. It didn't help there were a ton of scum giving town very little agency. (Titus double-teaming is I think the primary problem.)
67 In the beginning Mini Normal 2197 Feb 20, 2021 Mini Normal 2197: Noraaland Town Vanilla Mafia Win Eliminated D3 Lost Somehow, I forgot to add this to my wiki earlier despite updating ratings for this game. Anyway, I honestly don't remember much from this game other than kind of needing a break from playing mafia.
66 War and Peace Large Theme Na Feb 13, 2021 Titus v. Nancy Drew Mafia Rolecop Town Win Eliminated D3 Lost I was at first very excited for this game, but then I was drafted as scum. That kind of killed my motivation for the game leading me to being perpetually behind. Nonetheless, town played very well this game and deserved to win.
65 In the beginning Mini Normal 2193 Feb 3, 2021 Mini Normal 2193: A Member of the SKs Mafia Tracker Town Win Eliminated D5 Lost Not much to say about this game except that people are really intent on finding the mains of alts.
64 Sequence Large Theme Na Jan 13, 2021 BooneyToonz XV: Dance of the Dark Fairy Neutral Third Party (Light Fairy) Light Fairy Mafia and Third Party Win Won N3 Won This was a cool setup but the actual game itself was kinda eh. I'm not sure what exactly happened with regards to that.
63 Ircher Large Theme Na Nov 11, 2020 BooneyToonz XIV: A Little Boonie Told Me Town Split Hider Town Win Killed N1 Won I did not expect to die as early as I did. It was an interesting setup and fun while it lasted.
62 Ircher Large Theme Na Dec 3, 2020 PookyTheMagicalBear vs. Flavor Leaf Town Vanilla Town Win Alive D5 Won This was a fun game. Aside from a few concerns with the setup, the game was spectacular in all aspects especially the player list. Flavor Leaf also seemed impressed with my performance, so I would say this was definitely one of my better games.
61 Mathematical Demon Micro 985 Nov 26, 2020 Micro 985 Mafia Flagbearer Mafia Win Killed D1 Won This was a pretty short game. Infinity is the real MVP here.
60 Ircher Mini Theme 2176 Nov 3, 2020 Jake's Grand Idea Alien Combiner Serial Killer Win Suicided N2 Lost I replaced in during the night, scumslipped in the neighborhood PT, shot my neighbor to try to survive, but accidentally ended up suiciding myself in the process.
59 Ircher Large Theme Na May 18 2020 Grand Idea GPick Town Vanilla Town Win Eliminated D3 Won I had some pretty good reads for this game, even if it was multiball. Aside from that, I more or less allowed myself to be sacrificed D3 in order to advance the game forward. Kudos to the town for doing well after that.
58 Ircher Large Theme Na Apr 17 2020 Jigsaw's Revenge Town (Jigsaw's Chosen) Detective Allison Kerry (Keyholder) Jigsaw Acolytes Win Endgamed D4 Lost SirCakez really outdid himself with this game. I really wish I was in it from the beginning; it looked so cool. With that said, I think my reads were pretty good for the short time I was in this game. Given enough time, I'd probably come up with a correct solve.
57 Ircher Newbie 1975 Dec 18 2019 Newbie 1975: Zen Mafia Vanilla Town Win Eliminated D3 Lost This was a very fun game. The town was very strong, and they deserved the win.
56 Fundamental Theorem Mini Normal 2092 Jul 30 2019 Gordon Ramsay Roasts Town Vanilla Town Win Eliminated D2 Won Eh, I shouldn't have joined this game in the first place; I did not have the time needed for it.
55 123456789 Mini Theme 2093 Aug 02 2019 The Search Mafia Empress Town Win Eliminated D2 Lost It would've been nice if ARO didn't decide to gamethrow. Aside from that, I also disliked the multiple condemners on me including one of my scum partners being a condemner.
54 Ircher Newbie 1945 Jul 16 2019 Newbie 1945: EdPsych Town Vanilla Town Win Alive N3 Won It is worth noting scum conceded this game. Aside from that, besides a fakeclaim gone wrong by the scum team, not much to comment about in this game.
53 Ircher Mini Normal 2085 Jun 26 2019 Mini Normal 2085: Colors Town Vanilla Mafia Win Endgamed D6 Lost I feel like we could've won if I just gave it some more thought/didn't act quite as impulsely. That said, I hate being conftown in LyLo because that means you have to make the decision, and if you are wrong, well people are likely going to be angry at you. Both nomnomnom and OkaPoka played strong games, so I'd say they deserved their win nonetheless.
52 Ircher Open 761 Jul 01 2019 Grey Flag Nightless Town Vanilla Town Win Alive D2 Won I didn't do much this game, but RadiantCowbells absolutely nailed it (even if they were wrong on one of the scums.) Shoutout to Bitmap for a good effort as well.
51 Ircher Micro 877 Jun 11 2019 Liars and Millers Town Vanilla Town Win Alive D2 Won This game was fun, and town absolutely crushed the mafia team. Regardless of whether the setup was townsided, I still consider this to be a good game and a well-deserved win.
50 Ircher Micro 816 Jul 28 2018 Friemds Mafia Town Vanilla Mafia Win Eliminated D1 Lost So apparently I forgot to add this game to my wiki page. It looks like I got eliminated Day 1, so I likely didn't enjoy my time in this game much. The game certainly wasn't memorable considering I didn't even realized I played this until I happened upon seeing my name signed up for this in the micro queue thread.
49 123456789 Large Theme Na Jul 03 2018 Heroes Wanted Mafia (Aspiring Villains) Vanilla Town Win (Aspiring Heroes) Eliminated D1 Lost Part of this loss was due to arguing within our faction. I figured one way would be better, and they disagreed. Nevertheless, the other people on the villains team did a great job even despite my elimination D1.
48 123456789 Large Theme Na Jun 09 2018 Gerrymandering Shadow Government Democracy Town Vanilla Mafia Win Endgamed D6 Lost I didn't like the game, and I also tnink te game was heavily scumsided (in part due to the voting mechanic).
47 Ircher Micro 815 Jul 14 2018 Greatest Idea Town 1-Shot Day Vigilante Happily Ever After (Town + Aliens) Alive D5 Draw Despite vigging Alien scum day 1, I could never bring myself to commit to a Gemini elimination... Oh well.....
46 Ircher Open 733 Jul 17 2018 Grey Flag Mafia Vengeful Mafia Win Alive D3 Won It was fun playing with the worst as scum here.
45 Fundamental Theorem Large Theme Na Jul 20 2018 Transformers Mafia Decepticons (Town) Brawl, Combaticon Warmonger (Double-Duel) Dinobots Win Killed N3 Lost It was fun at least.
44 Ircher Mini Normal 2016 Jun 11 2018 Otters vs. Penguins Town Jailkeeper Mafia Win Killed N2 Lost Not much to comment on for this game. I replaced in Day 2 and got killed night 2.
43 Ircher Mini Normal 2015 Jun 1 2018 Lab Rat Mafia Town Vanilla Town Win Alive D5 Won This game was kinda boring, but we mechanically solved it!
42 Ircher Newbie 1874 Jun 7 2018 Newbie 1874 Town Vanilla Mafia Win Killed N1 Lost I absolutely *nailed* scum!UnaBombaH day 1, but then I got killed and silenced night 1..... The other scum would've probably slipped my notice though.
41 123456789 Micro 808 Jun 3 2018 Kids With Guns Mafia Suicide Bomber Town Win Suicided D1 Lost I feel like I could've won with anyone else as my partner. *sigh*
40 Ircher Open 724 Apr 30 2018 Pick Your Power X/Y Town Neighborizer Mafia Win Endgamed D4 Lost Scum were really good this game. They also managed to pull off a THREE-SCUM QUICKHAMMER in LyLo though tbh, the gambit was risky.
39 Ircher Newbie 1867 May 01 2018 Newbie 1867 Town Vanilla Town Win Eliminated D1 Won Besides getting eliminated D1, I don't think this game was that bad. I was correct about one of the scum D1, and I had fun with Nancy in the Dead PT after the elimination. The only real complaint I have is the number of replacements.
38 Ircher Mini Normal 1925 Jul 07 2017 Mini Normal 1925 Town Universal Backup Town Win Killed N1 Won Though it can be argued the setup was townsided, this win is definitely the result of the town outplaying the scum durinng the day. My reads were pretty good this game, but I ended up getting killed night 1 by mafia (which rarely happens to me).
37 Ircher Micro 736 Aug 2 2017 Mafia in Blitztown Mafia Vanilla Town Win Eliminated D3 Lost I tried a neighbor fakeclaim, but it did not work.
36 Ircher Micro 722 June 21 2017 Limited Time Offer Mafia Vanilla Town Win Eliminated D2 Lost I replaced in during the night. Then I ended up cop guiltied... Ugh...
35 Ircher Mini Theme 1904 Apr 23 2017 Rad Idea Mafia Town Compulsive Vigilante Serial Killer Win Killed N1 Lost Werewolves actually night kiled me. That's not a common thing. Honestly though -- Snarky should've been eliminated.
34 Ircher Mini Normal 1908 May 2 2017 In the Web Mafia Vanilla Mafia Win Alive D5 Won Not sure about everyone else, but I had a lot of fun. I managed to get by with an even-night jailkeeper claim. The mod error though really had an adverse effect on this game, but everyone makes mistakes. Also would like to note that it's been awhile since I was alive at the end of the game.
33 Ircher Large Theme Apr 3 2017 Divergent Series Mafia Peter Hayes: Bus-Driver Town Win Eliminated D3 Lost Not a good game. I lost interest as scum and that ultimately led to shos rolecopping me as Bus Driver. Nonetheless, scum didn't communicate well and that ultimately led to us losing. Town deserved this win.
32 Ircher Mini Normal 1900 Apr 4, 2017 Mini Normal 1900 Town Vanilla Mafia Win Killed N2 Lost Ugh, really bad game for me. I did a FN fakeclaim D1, which kinda worked til I retracted it in Twilight of N1. Then I voted Fart D2 because I strongly townread Eddie, but that was the wrong thing to do when I had not read the previous 20 pages; just bits and fragments of it. Titus vigged me for it which imo was not a good shot because Eddie had been really townie D1 whereas Fart was really scummy D1, and Gunsmith could've been a fakeclaim imo.
31 Ircher Mini Normal 1862 Dec 19, 2016 Mini Normal 1862 Town Jailkeeper Town Win Killed N1 Won I think I did decent w/ the exception of gtting NK'd N1.
30 Ircher Large Theme Na Nov 4, 2016 Defcon Mafia 4.0 Town Strategic Missile Defence (Day Doctor) Mafia Win Killed D3 Lost Saved Reck D3 from scum!UTs awful nuke then I got troll-nuked for some unknown reason by Nukebringer shortly afterwards.
29 Ircher Micro 654 Oct 19, 2016 Great Idea Mafia Town Mason Doctor Town Win Alive D4 Won I guess I'm boasting a bit, but I did a very good job figuring out a lot about the setup. I didn't realky take it seriously til the final day, but my conclusions Day 4 prob. made the difference between town winning and town losing. The strangest thing (and also why I was able to poe the last scum using mass-claim) was that the game was multiball, and both scum factions targeted the same player as I did resulting in the player dying despite doc protection.
28 Ircher Micro 637 Aug 16, 2016 Dem Tryouts 3 Town Bulletproof Mafia Win Eliminated D2 Lost Yeah, maybe that wasn't the best idea, but I think my elimination had horrible backing and idefinitely scum-led.
27 LAMIST Mini Theme 1824 Aug 14, 2016 Grandest Idea Mafia Cult (Was Town) VT Exterminator Cult Win Alive D4 Won Abused a loophole in SirCakez's interpretation & got WW killed. Playing w/ Creature was pretty nice, but meh.... Got Culted N3 much to my annoyance, but I won, so ........
26 Ircher Micro 628 Jul 26, 2016 Beeboy Mafia Town Vanilla Mafia Win Endgamed D3 Lost A mafia cultist.... Doesn't get more bastard than that!
25 Ircher Mini Theme 1806 Jun 26, 2016 DoTA Mafia (R1 - SD) Town Earthshatter (Non-Consecutive Roleblocker) Mafia Win Eliminated D3 Lost Not my best game by any means; Dire clan got obliterated by scum and bad townplay across the entire playerlist.
24 Ircher Mini Theme 1808 Jun 29, 2016 Yuri: Purest Form of Love Town Lover Mafia Win Force-Replaced D1 Lost I screwed up and (sorta) copy-pasted my role pm D1 which led to a force-replacement. Town should've won the 4p LyLo, but someone wasn't paying any atttention whatsoever.....
23 Ircher Large Normal 195 May 17, 2016 Adventure Mafia Town Vanilla Mafia Win Killed N3 Lost Definitely one of my better games (regardless of what others think); I did a reasonable job of developing (wrong) reads (occassionally sheeping Titus's reads; I did way less of that than Titus thinks....) and I avoided the elimination (despite getting run up early D1). I got killled N3 by the SK, but if it weren't for that, I'd probably survive to LyLo. The scum tea, did awesome here, and this was a truly remarkable game.
22 Heuristic_Arrow Large Theme Na May 20, 2016 Bloodborne Mafia Town Vicar Amelia (Modified Inventor (Blood Vials)) Mafia Win Eliminated D2 Lost Replaced in D1 then had a V/LA that took awhile.... Ended up getting QElimed for taking my time to try to do a thorough catchup.
21 Ircher Mini Normal 1787 Apr 21, 2016 Peruvian Night Club Town Macho Town Win Killed N5 Won I replaced in D5 and got killed N5, but I stayed interested in it. Mainly because of how difficult the lylo choice was for Bins.
20 Ircher Mini Theme 1799 Jun 9, 2016 Literally Anything uPick (Not!) Town Insurance Agent (Modified Self-Inventor) Mafia Win Killed N3 Lost Scum nailed us, but moreso due to bad townplay.
19 123456789 Mini Theme 1798 Jun 2, 2016 Greatest Idea Mafia Condemner 1-Shot Day Vigilante Town Win Modkilled D1 Modkilled Meh, an oversight on my part regarding the rules (but I fundamentally disagree with the rule that led to the modkill. There's a difference between disagreeing with whether the modkill was valid (it was) and whether the underlying rule is valid (which like I said, I disagree with the underlying rule).)
18 Ircher Newbie 1709 May 10, 2016 Reactions Town Vanilla Mafia Win Eliminated D1 Lost Not my best game & lost interest & decided to self-hammer. Mafia deserved the win though.
17 Ircher Newbie 1708 May 10, 2016 Newbie Newbie West Mafia Roleblocker Mafia Win Alive D3 Won Woot! I won! I wish the mod wasn't so slow though...... (Edit 5/5/2019: Also, the mod didn't bother updating their opening post, which is always annoying.)
16 Ircher Newbie 1702 Apr 19, 2016 Pizza + Beer Town Tracker Mafia Win Killed N2 Lost Probably one of my better games. I did manage to track scum N1. Too bad the Doc didn't manage to survive long enough for me to clear people, but I guess I did pretty well regardless. Skill-wise, I do think I'm starting to improve.
15 Ircher Micro 713 May 20, 2016 Setup uMake Town Friendly Neighborizer Town Win Alive D1 Won Setup was super town-sided.
14 Ircher Mini Theme 1793 May 11, 2016 Freedom's Call uPick Mafia Euler's Constant (N1, Even-Night Rolecop) Town Win Eliminated D3 Lost I feel it was townsided. Between power-heavy town, a 4p scum team with a voteless double day mafia member, and the fact that town literally were given 1 scum in a pool of 4, I feel town had the edge. First scum game on the site btw.
13 Ircher Mini Normal 1785 Apr 11, 2016 Mini 1785 Town Gunsmith Town Win Eliminated D2 Won Had the misfortune of replacing into a slot that was gunsmith and got eliminated over the fake gunsmith. Town still won though!
12 Ircher Mini Theme 1781 Apr 3, 2016 Plotinus Mafia Town Roleblocker Mafia Win Killed N2 Lost Blocked scum N1, nearly blocked SK N2. I got nkd before I realized the game had a SK and got completely ignored afterward.
11 Ircher Mini Theme 1783 Apr 8, 2016 GTA 2 Town Modified Reflexive Friendly Neighbor Serial Killer Win Endgamed D5 Lost Unexpected Kingmaker in 3p LyLo. Should've tried to force a no elimination.
10 Ircher Newbie 1691 May 7, 2016 Newbie 1691 Town Vanilla Mafia Win Eliminated D2 Lost So close... Yet so far.... KAAG played well and deserved to win.... So did smith. While I won't blame it all on them since I did get eliminated, I really feel that Almost's entrance & Eggman's not very stellar behavior kinda lost it for town. Also, tenth town game and still no scum games and another loss... I'm 2-8 right now.......
9 Ircher Micro 600 Mar 30, 2016 Mechanic UPICK Town Mason Town Win Alive D2 Won I made good use of the masonry and the summer neighborhood. We had a massclaim D2 and scum got caught in a lie and eliminated. Hooray for massclaim!
8 Ircher Micro 603 Apr 9, 2016 Grand Idea Mafia: The Return Town Random Sanity Cop (Paranoid) Mafia Win Killed D1 Lost Got freakin' dayvigged.....
7 Ircher Mini Normal 1777 Mar 19, 2016 Varied Music Mafia Town Vanilla Mafia Win Eliminated D1 Lost I got lazy and then got lolhammered (and QElimed) before I could defend myself. I lost interest after that.
6 Ircher Mini Normal 1763 Feb 17, 2016 Mini 1763 Town Vanilla Mafia Win Eliminated D4 Lost If I could, I would nominate this game for a "Worst Game of the Year" scummy. The scum seemed to enjoy themselves, but that is imo not very important when compared to the fact that town just gave up on this game cuz there was so much nonsense going around. It was not fun for town who wanted to play an actual game of Mafia, and to make matters worse, the mod had to be replaced.
5 Ircher Mini Normal 1769 Feb 26, 2016 Ice Cream Town Vanilla Mafia Win Endgamed D4 Lost I liked this game. Too bad I lost.
4 Ircher Micro 590 Mar 2, 2016 Return of the Card Czar Town Heroic Rolecop Werewolf Win Eliminated D1 Lost Got freaking deathtunneled by scum D1 for RVS-related stuff and I died cuz everyone for some idiotic reason sheeped scum and completely ignored me. All of you who think you've caught scum!Ircher within the first 2 pages of a game need to drastically reconsider. 9/10 times you're wrong.
3 Ircher Newbie 1682 Jan 31, 2016 Newbie 1682 Town Vanilla Town Win Alive D3 Won Argh! Anen tricked me! Still, the others were not fooled and we won!
2 Ircher Mini 1755 Jan 9, 2016 Mini 1755 Town Vanilla Mafia Win Eliminated D5 Lost I should've won this one. First of all, I had PoE'd massive as the final scum. Second of all, RC had roleblocked me when only 1 mafia was left, so I shouldn't've been eliminated (RC shouldn't argue -- You don't articulate reasons clearly cuz you are just right most of the time). Lastly, Pisskop ended up in LyLo and ofc, massive easily pocketed him (especially after Axle's push on me the day before.) The only reason Heat ended up NK'd was cuz of what I said before being eliminated. I would like to thank AlwaysInnocent D1 though from keeping town from eliminating me D1.
1 Ircher Newbie 1666 Nov 22, 2015 Zar Show S01 E04 Town Vanilla Mafia Win Eliminated D3 Lost Got eliminated in LyLo. Did manage to pinpoint one of the scum though!


This likely does not list every marathon I played.

Marathon Games
Entry Number Username Start Date Title Alignment Role Outcome Status Result Comments
55 Ircher May 29, 2021 CYOA Mafia Town Vanilla Mafia Win Eliminated D3 Lost I'll be honest--I wasn't a huge fan of this game. I won't go into the details of why, but it suffices to say that a lot of factors in this game didn't make it really enjoyable.
54 Ircher May 29, 2021 Kids With Guns Town Vanilla Mafia Win Eliminated D3 Lost I did a gimmick, and unsurprisingly, I was eliminated for it.
53 Ircher May 29, 2021 Fifth Thoughts Mafia: Save the Dragons' Adjustable Bed Jester Vanilla Mafia Win Endgamed D1 Lost I don't have any comments.
52 Ircher May 29, 2021 Fourth Thoughts Mafia Mafia Vanilla Jester Win Endgamed D1 Lost I faked being Jester only for Ari to pull out a surprise win.
51 Ircher May 28, 2021 Third Thoughts Mafia Town Vanilla Mafia Win Endgamed D1 Lost Short and sweet. I enjoyed the player list.
50 Ircher May 28, 2021 Dayvig Deactivators Town Deactivatible Dayvig Town Win Killed N1 Won I yolo-shot, but things seemed to work out.
49 Ircher May 28, 2021 Second Thoughts Town Vanilla Mafia Win Eliminated D1 Lost Well I chose the right person to 1v1, but alas, fate wasn't on my side.
48 Ircher Nov 29, 2020 Dark Waltz Town Vanilla Mafia Win Left D3 Lost Well, it got down to final 4: Isis, Grumpy Cat, petapan, and myself. I was the one who held sway so I made the tough decision of leaving... and I was once more wrong...
47 Ircher Nov 28, 2020 We Need a Fifth Town Vanilla Mafia Win Eliminated D1 Lost I should've followed my instincts for the vengekill.
46 Ircher Nov 27, 2020 Vengeful Mafia Mafia Flagbearer Mafia Win Alive N1 Won Peta and I did a really good job here with Peta pulling a self vote and then us cross-voting.
45 Ircher Nov 27, 2020 The One I Cannot Kill Town Vanilla Mafia Win Eliminated D1 Lost Well I voted first, got scumread for it, and was ultimately limmed. Maybe not the best move...
44 Ircher Nov 26, 2020 Huis Clos, Part One Demon Vanilla Everyone wins! Not Applicable Won This setup is based on purgatory but much cooler. I had a lot of fun, and it seems everyone won! Isn't that an amazing setup?
43 Ircher Nov 25, 2020 Flash Mob Town Vanilla Town Win Eliminated D2 Won This was a cool setup. I got pocketed by scum as town, but town still won.
42 Ircher Nov 25, 2020 Popcorn Explosion Town Vanilla Mafia Win Endgamed D4 Lost Well I got tunneled on Pooky all game. It's a neat setup though.
41 Ircher Sep 8, 2020 Dangle Mafia Town Vanilla Mafia Win Eliminated D3 Lost I more or less only voted this game, so that didn't help me much when it came to final 5 with Ari voting against me.
40 Ircher Sep 5, 2020 MARKED FOR DEATH Town Vanilla Mafia Win Killed D3 Lost Unfortunately, the townbloc that was formed early collapsed as the mafia kept poisoning us. I then went against my instincts in XyLo and lost the game for everyone.
39 Ircher Sep 5, 2020 WE NEED A FIFTH Mafia Vanilla Mafia Win Killed D1 Won Well I was suspected pretty quickly, but I think I handled this game fairly well. Hopkirk then pulled it out wonderfully in XyLo (or whatever the abbreviation is now). Overall, this was a fun game.
38 Ircher Sep 3, 2020 Vig 10er Town Vanilla Town Win Alive D2 Won I had pretty good reads this game. Also, Kanna had a great vig shot.
37 Ircher Sep 2, 2020 TL's Grander Midnight Town Doctor Town Win Alive D3 Won dsjstr had a rather broken role, but it was still kinda fun. I managed to successfully save a player from dying twice, so I guess I still did pretty well despite the game being more or less auto.
36 Ircher Sep 2, 2020 Common Mistakes in Setup Making The Series Part 1 Town Vanilla Serial Killer Win Eliminated D1 Lost This is definitely not a setup that should be seriously won. I decided to self-sacrifice myself for the greater good, but it did not work at too well.
35 Ircher Feb 16, 2020 Animal Sounds Dethy Town Paranoid Cop Mafia Win Eliminated D2 Lost This was a fun, relaxed game.
34 Ircher Feb 15, 2020 A Fool's Game Town Vanilla Mafia Win Killed N1 Lost This setup had some balancing issues amongst other things. Town also played very suboptimally here.
33 Ircher Feb 15, 2020 Vengecop Town Vanilla Town Win Alive D5 Won Yes, I finally won one (and didn't get eliminated D1/D2 either!) Also, northsidegal makes some fancy vcs for a marathon.
32 Ircher Feb 15, 2020 Fire Emblem Three Houses Mafia Edelgard (Vanilla) Town Win Eliminated D1 Lost So yeah, I'm a terrible alignment drafter. I would have much preferred to draw town. Also note to self: don't ever recruit Datisi as mafia again.
31 Ircher Feb 15, 2020 Abnormal Adventures 5 Neutral 3rd Party Dread Pirate Town Win Eliminated D1 Lost This game was annoying. I got eliminated because Enter decided he was he going to fake a counterclaim on me.
30 Ircher Feb 14, 2020 Valentine Dance Game Town Vanilla Mafia Win Suicided D3 Lost This was a tough game; bugs played well and deserved the win. I'm not gonna comment further.
29 Ircher Feb 14, 2020 Abnormal Adventures 4 Town Vanilla Mafia Win Eliminated D1 Lost I was quickeliminated for pushing a player that claimed cult leader. I'm not very happy about that.
28 Ircher Feb 14, 2020 5p Vengeful Mafia Godfather Town Win Eliminated D3 Lost I drew scum with RC. Neither of us really wanted to be scum. Oh well, town did well this game.
27 Ircher Feb 13, 2020 TL's Grander Idea Mafia Town Guiltiful Vigilante Werewolf Win Suicided N2 Lost Meh, I didn't pay much attention to this game.
26 Ircher Sep 02, 2019 Marathon with Friends Mafia Lover Mafia Win Alive D1 Won This was a very fun game with northsidegal. We managed to fool Ausuka, the confirmed, in the end.
25 Ircher Sep 02, 2019 Vengeful Mafia Vanilla Town Win Eliminated D2 Lost Something_Smart was surprisingly vengekilled. After that, I was pretty doomed.
24 Ircher Sep 02, 2019 Vengeful Town Vanilla Mafia Win Killed D1 Lost Yeesh, Smart and I figure out the scumteam and what do I get in return? I get vengekilled... Oh well...
23 Ircher Aug 31, 2019 CFJ's The One I Cannot Kill Town Vanilla Town Win Alive D1 Won Not a bad game. We did some math stuff.
22 Ircher May 28, 2019 Mobile Sleepy Mafia Town Vanilla Mafia Win Eliminated D2 Lost Well I got eliminated in LyLo. I did correctly PoE the scumteam though.
21 Ircher May 27, 2019 We Need a Five Mafia Vanilla Mafia Win Alive D2 Won I don't feel like I deserve this win because deadline expired and Fire declared it in my favor since I voted first.
20 Ircher May 27, 2019 We need a fifth Town Vanilla Mafia Win Endgamed D2 Lost Got eliminated day 1, made a correct vig shot, and then lost the game in LyLo.
19 Ircher May 26, 2019 Predict the Kill Town Vanilla Mafia Win Killed N1 Lost This game's setup probably isn't suited for 7p. Also, it's kinda unfortunate that I ended up being the N1 kill due to scum wanting to avoid losing by the game's mechanics.
18 Ircher May 25, 2019 Bloodbath Condemner Doctor Mafia and Condemner Win Alive D5 Won Well, I managed to win. Too bad things did not work out for town despite the fact town played a good night game.
17 Ircher May 24, 2019 Not Splashathon Town Vanilla Mafia Win Endgamed N3 Lost This is an interesting, but unbalanced setup.
16 Ircher May 24, 2019 Marked for Death Town Vanilla Mafia Win Eliminated D1 Lost This is probably one of the least fun I have ever had in a marathon. I'm not going to explicitly name any players, but a certain player was rather toxic and constantly spreading false accusations at both other players and me.
15 Ircher May 24, 2019 OMG I Broke My Arm ... Town Gunsmith Town Win Alive D2 Won I can't believe the worst simply gave himself away at the end.
14 Ircher May 24, 2019 Marked for Death Town Vanilla Town Win Alive D2 Won Town simply nailed it this game!
13 Ircher May 24, 2019 C/9 Town Vanilla Town Win Eliminated D2 Won I more or less managed to pinpoint the scum, though I got eliminated before I could really make a solid case on it and all.
12 Ircher May 24, 2019 Starvation Island Mafia Vanilla Town Win Starved Lost This game was a lot of fun, though the time mechanic really didn't work out too well.
11 Ircher May 24, 2019 Vengeful Mafia Town Vanilla Mafia Win Killed D1 Lost Of all people, I got vengekilled despite being off the wagon. *shrug*
10 Ircher May 24, 2019 4:2 IC Nightless Town Vanilla Mafia Win Eliminated D1 Lost I got eliminated presumably for voting the IC day one. That hammer by xtolm was a scumhammer though, and town didn't punish him for that.
9 Ircher Jul 4, 2016 We Need a Fifth Town Vanilla Town Win Alive Won Replaced NM and got replaced by Ircher/NM hydra.
8 123456789 Jul 4, 2016 Shortnight Town Vanilla Mafia Win Eliminated D1 Lost Meh, I had to go and basically got policy eliminated.
7 Ircher Jul 4, 2016 Dethy Town Cop (Sane) Town Win Alive Won Random didn't have a fakeclaim prepared and wasn't on when it started. Whoops!
6 Ircher Jul 4, 2016 5p Vengeful Town Vanilla Town Win Alive Won The goon literally bussed the godfather resulting in a direct win. Whoops!
5 Ircher Jul 3, 2016 uPick anything Town Time (Macho Day Tracker) Town Win Alive Won It's worth noting that Kitty replaced me midway through the game. Still a win nonetheless.
4 123456789 Jul 3, 2016 Grandiose Idea Mafia Mixed Mafia Win Alive Won McMenno was my partner. Several mistakes here and there, but numbers were in our favor. Oh, and Nahdia was a Traitor and won with us! Didn't like the dice roll for the final elimination though....
3 Ircher Jul 2, 2016 It-takes-too-long-till-the-next-game Mafia Goon Town Win Eliminated D4 Lost I couldn't win ever since I bussed Yume at the start. Not to mention it was bastard and effectively nightless.
2 Ircher May 16, 2016 Shotty Bastard Upick Modified Neutral 2x Redirector Modified Neutral Win Killed N2 Lost Shotty's a super bastard and I have no plans to play Shotty's future games. Too huge modding mistakes were made in this and the previous, and the mod kept interfering with the game.
1 Ircher May 16, 2016 MS Is Down Mafia Mafia Rolecop Town Win Eliminated D3 Lost 2 phoenixes and mod decided to modkill my partner for inactivity making me lose.


Games I modded
Entry Number Type Bastard Rating Number Start Date Title Co-Mod Players Last Phase Result Comments
18 Mini Theme 0 2263 Feb 10, 2022 MT 2263: Web of Lies Backup: SirCakez 13 Day 3 Town Win It was very unfortunate what happened Day 1. Mafia gave it a good shot, but it was not to be.
17 Mini Theme 0 2219 Jun 24, 2021 MT 2219: The Battle of Calculasia Backup: Umlaut 13 Day 6 Intuitionists Win I think the setup turned out fine, but it could use some tuning. It was a really exciting game all the way through.
16 Mini Theme 10 2203 Mar 30, 2021 MT 2203: Grand Idea UPick: Awakening Backup: lendunistus 13 Night 6 Town and Jester Win I tried some experimental activity rules. I liked some of them, but others didn't seem very effective. Overall, this was a very smooth and enjoyable game to watch develop.
15 Large Theme 6 N/a (20200504) May 4 2020 SIR Disease Mafia Backup: Jingle 21 Night 6 Town Win This was a very unusual setup. Scum played very well but made a few mechanical misplays that ultimately led to their doom. I think a key lesson here is that if a mechanic makes the difference between winning and losing, then the affected alignments should have more knowledge of this fact.
14 Mini Normal 0 2139 May 5, 2020 Mini Normal 2139: No Flavor Allowed Backup: Krazy 13 Day 5 Town Win Scum lost from being mechanically guiltied this game. They had a very strong day play. I would maintain the setup is relatively balanced and within the acceptable margin, although it definitely could have been better than it was.
13 Large Theme 10 N/a (20190630) Jun 30 2019 Grandest Idea Mafia Backup: Alchemist21 17 Day 6 Mafia Win This is likely one of the tamest Grandest Idea Mafia setups ever ran. Gamma Emerald's Guaranteed 13-4 changed everything.
12 Micro Normal 0 880 Jun 26 2019 Micro Normal 880: A Normal Game Backup: Skygazer 9 Day 3 Mafia Win The setup was a bit off-balanced; however, I don't think anyone would have predicted town would force two of their PRs to claim Day 1 and eliminate the third one.
11 Large Normal 0 213 Jun 14 2018 NY 213: A Really Large Normal Game Backup: Not Known 15 25 Day 9 Town Win This was a great game! Shoutouts go to Krazy for some stellar reads and Golden Robster for playing really well despite the fact that the game state was heavily not in their favor.
10 Mini Normal 0 1929 Jul 12 2017 Mini Normal 1929 Backup: Gamma Emerald 11 Day 5 Mafia Win I personally thought town was going to win because scum were so obvious... Yet Mulch somehow managed to pull it off anyway... Maybe it's because I knew Mulch's alignment but still...
9 Micro Theme 10 701 Apr 18 2017 Defiance Mafia II Backup: keyenpeydee 8 Day 8 Diplomat and Jester Win I quickly lost interest in this game.
8 Newbie 0 1794 Apr 30 2017 A Poetic Introduction Backup: mhsmith0 9 Day 4 Mafia Win Town should have won this game in my opinion. Nonetheless, I had a lot of fun modding this game; the newbies were all great.
7 Mini Theme 1 1863 Dec 21 2016 Voting Mafia Backup: callforjudgement 13 Abandoned Day 3 (?) Abandoned This was a bit too big of a commitment fo me at the time. It would've been awesome to see play out if it were not literally 5+ times as much work as the average game.
6 Large Theme 0 N/a (20161106) Nov 6 2016 Ttyll Mafia Backup: MagnaofIllusion 17 Day 4 Mafia Win This game was a lot of fun to mod! Drealmerz7 really helped contribute to the game's fun factor.
5 Micro Theme 10 653 Oct 13 2016 Defiance Mafia No One 8.5 Day 3 Mafia Win Everyone lurked this to death. Scum deserved their win.
4 Micro Open Normal 0 644 Sep 21 2016 Flavorless Mafia Backup: pieguyn 9 Day 3 Town Win Mafia made some poor night action decisions
3 Mini Theme 0 1710 Jun 29 2016 Light and Darkness Frozen Angel 13 Day 6 Mafia Win Mafia should've lost, but a townie made a huge mistake.
2 Newbie 0 1723 Jun 27 2016 Newbie 1723 Backup: SirCakez 9 Day 3 Mafia Win So many lurkers! Vecna was pretty good though and deserved the win.
1 Mini Normal 0 1782 Mar 31 2016 Mini 1782 Dierfire 13 Day 6 Town Win Lots of replacement/behavorial issues, but most of those were handled D1. Overall, great game! Also impressed by the amount of effort Titus put in to try to survive.


Games I modded
Entry Number Username Start Date Title Players Result Comments
27 Ircher Nov 28, 2020 Hidden Roles 4 Mafia Win I'm amazed that no one attempted a dayvig shot in this setup.
26 Ircher Sep 7, 2020 We Need a Fifth 4 Town Win I'm quite impressed at how fast MURDERCAT was murdered Day 1.
25 Ircher Sep 5, 2020 Grandest Idea Marathon 13 Town Win This was a very cool and very fun of the setup. The ending was just spectacular. It was also a lot of work, but still very much so worth it.
24 Ircher Sep 3, 2020 We Need a Fifth 4 Town Win This was a nice and short game. Elements had a great comeback.
23 Ircher Feb 16, 2020 Marathon X 9 Town Win This was a cool setup. I think people enjoyed the flavor.
22 Ircher Feb 15, 2020 5p Silent Vengeful 5 Mafia Win Silent mafia is an interesting spin on normal mafia. Though, I would say players kinda abused the rules this game.
21 Ircher Feb 15, 2020 The One I Cannot Kill 3 Mafia Win This game was very short.
20 Ircher Sep 1, 2019 Monty Hall Marathon 5 Town Win First running of the setup (to my knowledge); the setup doesn't seem broken.
19 Ircher Sep 1, 2019 Micro Marathon 3 Town Win Just a simple marathon to get things started.
18 Ircher May 28, 2019 Secret Setup Marathon 5 Werewolves Win This setup, even despite the balance disclaimer, could have been better. Town had a very slight chance of winning, and the game ended with a fake d2 lylo that was truly a kingmaker situation.
17 Ircher May 28, 2019 We Need a Fifth 4 Mafia Win No comments.
16 Ircher May 28, 2019 5p Vengeful 5 Mafia Win I didn't rand alignments and forgot that a godfather exists. It was still a pretty fun game.
15 Ircher May 27, 2019 Last Hurrah 5 Mafia Win Night 1 was pretty fun imo. Feel kinda bad for town because they could've won if it weren't for the bulletproof that Temporal had.
14 Ircher May 27, 2019 The One I Cannot Kill 3 Town Win The entire game was less than a page. Well, if you excuse the worst stealing my page top.
13 Ircher May 26, 2019 Random Mafia 2 6 Town Win This game was pretty fun, though I'm unsure of the setup's balance. Rainn absolutely nailed scum!nomnomnom in LyLo; it was very entertaining to watch.
12 Ircher May 26, 2019 Random Mafia Marathon 3 Mafia Win I think the setup was pretty interesting for 3p, though there was a setup design error, and town kinda gave the win away day 1. I partially blame myself for some of the post-game confusion.
11 Ircher May 25, 2019 7p Vengeful 7 Mafia Win A very short and sweet game. Kinda wish it wasn't so short though.
10 Ircher Jul 8, 2018 Voting Marathon 7 Town Win Town was just awesome this game; scum weren't so awesome.
9 Ircher Jul 7, 2018 Light and Darkness Marathon 9 Dark Town Win This setup is based off the Light Town/Dark Town mechanic I ran a long time ago in MT1310: Light and Darkness Mafia. Instead of pre-deciding light/dark affinities, it is done in a cult-like way. Too bad there was a breaking strategy in this version, but it still works well, and if I ever get a chance to, I will run Light and Darkness 2 using a fixed version (i.e.: non-breaking strategy) of the mechanic I used here.
8 Ircher Jul 7, 2018 7p Roleblocker Madness 7 Mafia Win This was an interesting setup to say the least.
7 Ircher Jul 5, 2018 6p Craze-a-thon 6 Mafia Win This was fun, it really was! I gave the mafia an arsonist style kill, so we had a chain of no elimination, no kill, until the big surprise: KABOOM!
6 Ircher Jul 6, 2016 Ircher 5p Vengeful - Take Two - Round Two 5 Town Win Fire accuses me of commiting mod error. I didn't fall for it -- Giving a direct response could've possibly (wrongly) confirm him as town, and keeping such mod wifom out of the game is definitely not mod error.
5 Ircher Jul 5, 2016 Ircher 5p Vengeful - Take Two 5 Mafia Win Went well.... Except finding replacements.
4 123456789 Jul 4, 2016 123456789's Mayhem Marathon 3 Town Win In retrospect, it was more luck than anything.
3 Ircher Jul 2, 2016 Ircher's Birthday Marathon 10 Mafia Win Modding marathons is more work than one thinks!
2 Ircher May 16, 2016 Ircher 5p Vengeful Reboot 5 Town Win Done in same thread as a result of the previous modkill.
1 Ircher May 16, 2016 Ircher 5p Vengeful 5 Town Win I unwisely decided to modkill Nahdia in this game, which basically gave town a win.

Social Games


Note: These games are not mafia.

Completed Games History
Username Start Date Number of Players Title Status Notes
Ircher Feb 24, 2020 11 Survivor Blitz: Mashies Edition 10th Place Ugh, I got voted out early. I guess the takeaway here is I should try to talk to everyone and not just a few people.
Ircher Jun 19, 2019 24 Allocate/Execute IV 15th Place I made a good impression on CaptainMeme which I'm being honest, I don't think I deserve it. Still, this game was fun, and maybe I'll play a few more.

Game Reviews

Note that I generally do not have control over when these threads are released. In addition, some of these link to the review threads of yet to run or ongoing games. I've probably missed a few from earlier. (I've been mainly using "Review" and "Pre-" with view my posts to find these.)

Games I Reviewed
Entry Number Start Date For Review Thread Game Thread
48 Dec 31, 2020 JacksonVirgo JacksonVirgo's Mini Normal Review, December 2020 Not ran yet.
47 Dec 18, 2020 Hectic and Ydrasse Reviewing One Night Stand One Night Stand
46 Oct 24, 2020 Hectic Reviewing Royalty Silent Star 3: Royalty
45 Oct 29, 2020 Mizzytastic Mizzytastic's Large Normal Review, October 2020 Large Normal 231: Etymologies
44 Oct 18, 2020 The Bulge The Bulge's Large Normal Review, October 2020 Not ran yet.
43 Oct 8, 2020 JacksonVirgo JacksonVirgo's Mini Normal Review, October 2020 Mini Normal 2174 Korean Pop Music
42 Sep 29, 2020 Mizzytastic Mizzytastic's Mini Normal Review, September 2019 Mini Normal 2171 Boardgames
41 Sep 6, 2020 Hectic Menagerie Silent Star 2: Menagerie
40 Jul 22, 2020 Datisi Datisi's Mini Normal Review, July 2020 Mini Normal 2163: MItGBSMoD
39 Jun 30, 2020 Kerset Kerset's Large Normal Review, June 2020 Canceled.
38 Jun 18, 2020 Umlaut Umlaut's Mini Normal Review, June 2020 Mini 2156: Launch Mob
37 Jun 4, 2020 schadd_ A 13-player pre-designed setup courtesy of schadd_ Mini Normal 2149: Philosophers
36 Jun 1, 2020 Poyzin Poyzin's Mini Normal Review, June 2020 Canceled.
35 May 30, 2020 Hectic Reviewing Silent Star: Lunacy Silent Star 1: Lunacy
34 May 30, 2020 callforjudgement a callforjudgement 13p pre-designed setup Mini Normal 2148
33 May 25, 2020 Micc Micc's micro normal review, May 2020 A Normal Blitz III
32 May 7, 2020 Kerset Kerset's Mini Normal Review, May 2020 Mini Normal 2143
31 Apr 21, 2020 RadiantCowbells One RC 9p pre-designed setup Never ran.
30 Apr 14, 2020 bugspray bugspray's Micro Normal Review, April 2020 mantis leadership (black pit)
29 Mar 27, 2020 Not Known 15 Not Known 15's Mini Normal Review, March 2020 Mini Normal 2135
28 Mar 26, 2020 Tatsuya Kaname Anime U-Pick: Shuffle Setup Creation Thread Anime U-Pick: Shuffle
27 Mar 6, 2020 schadd_ schadd_'s Mini Normal Review, March 2019 mini 2126
26 Feb 16, 2020 RadiantCowbells A RadiantCowbells pre-designed 9p Micro 940: A Normal Blitz II
25 Feb 16, 2020 TrueSoulEnergy TrueSoulEnergy's Mini Normal Review, February 2020 Mini Normal 2122
24 Feb 11, 2020 Datisi Datisi's Micro Normal Review, February 2020 Micro 922: Strawberry Mafia
23 Jan 16, 2020 bugspray bugspray's Micri Normal Review, January 2020 Micro 924: Insect Religion
22 Dec 10, 2019 Wake88 Wake88's Large Normal Review, December 2019 Large Normal 226 The Legend of Zelda
21 Aug 8, 2019 Something_Smart A Something_Smart 13p pre-designed setup Mini Normal 2128: Normal Mafia
20 Aug 3, 2019 BulletNLynchproof a BNL 9p pre-designed setup Micro 932: A Normal Blitz
19 Jun 11, 2019 Something_Smart and the worst Something_Smart's mini normal review, June 2019 Hall of Mirrors I
18 Jun 3, 2019 pisskop pisskop's Large Normal Review, June 2019 Normal 222: Black Versus White
17 Sep 17, 2018 Not Known 15 Not Known 15's Large Normal Review, September 2018 Large Normal 216
16 Aug 28, 2018 James Brafin and the worst James Brafin's mini normal review, August 2018 Mini Normal 2035: Duck Mafia Part 1
15 Aug 12, 2018 Ausuka Ausuka's mini normal review, August 2018 Mini Normal 2033: Dolphins
14 Jul 17, 2018 schadd_ schadd_'s Min Normal Review, July 2018 Mini Normal 2027: Advice Mafia
13 Jul 3, 2018 Umlaut Umlaut's micro normal review, July 2018 Micro 817
12 May 22, 2018 Espeonage Epseonage's Mini Normal Review, May 2018 Mini Normal 2021
11 Apr 12, 2018 mastina Lynch the Wolves: Mod PT Lynch the Wolves
10 Aug 20, 2017 xyzzy TBD Mafia 2 Setup Design Thread TBD Mafia 2
9 Aug 17, 2017 Something_Smart XP Mafia Review Mini 1953: XP Mafia
8 Jun 11, 2017 dramonic Sexy Brutale Mod Topic The Sexy Brutale Mafia
7 May 24, 2017 Zaphkael Project Arch Design Thread Project Arch
6 Apr 30, 2017 MarioManiac4 and Zaphkael Kidney Mafia: Development PT Kidney Mafia
5 Apr 6, 2017 Alisae Railgun Setup Review Thread Railgun Mafia
4 Aug 17, 2016 MagnaofIllusion Order of the Stick Mafia Mod PT Mini 1851: Order of the Stick Mafia
3 Aug 2, 2016 Frozen Angel Code Geass Mafia Setup Design/Review Thread Code Geass Mafia
2 Jun 24, 2016 Sméagol Binary Mafia: Review Never ran.
1 Jun 20, 2016 Nahdia Trial of the Evoker Review Thread Trial of the Evoker

Misc Stuff

Other Games I Host

  1. Level Up 2: Dice-Rolling Fighting Game Ended - A game hosted in The Whole Sort of General Mish Mash where you fight monsters in order to gain experience. The game starts out as a very simple dice-rolling game with very few options, but as you level up and progress, you gain access to new skills, spells, and abilities that can change the way battles operate. To join, just post /in in the thread.
  2. Nomic: The Constitution Game Ended - A game hosted in The Whole Sort of General Mish Mash where you through the cooperation of others shape the rules of the game.
  3. Nomic: Wiki Edition Ended - A game hosted in The Whole Sort of General Mish Mash where you through the cooperation of others shape the rules of the game. This version has its official status recorded on this wiki page.


Player Ratings (Based on games I've played as well as games I've modded.)

Marathon Player Ratings

Grand Idea Roles List

Standard Ruleset

Newbie Ruleset

Code Templates for Modding Games

Testing Page

Theorem of the Week Archive

  • 03/24/2022 to 05/31/2022: Unique Factorization in Z[x]: Every nonzero non-unit polynomial in Z[X] (the ring of polynomials with integer coefficients) can be written as a product of irreducible polynomials (coming from Z[x]). Moreover, the factorization is unique up to the order and signs of the factors.
  • 02/12/2022 to 03/24/2022: The Pigeonhole Principle: If you have more pigeons than holes, then there is at least one hole that contains multiple pigeons.
  • 01/01/2022 to 02/12/2022: The Three Reflections Theorem: In the Euclidean plane, any distance-preserving map (also called an isometry) is the product (i.e.: composition) of at most three reflections.
  • 12/17/2021 to 01/01/2022: The Socks-Shoes Property: To invert the action of putting your socks on first and then your shoes, you must first take off your shoes and then take off your socks. In symbols: for group elements a and b, (ab)-1 = b-1a-1.
  • 12/11/2021 to 12/17/2021: The Fundamental Theorem of Finite Abelian Groups: Every finite Abelian group is isomorphic to a direct product of cyclic groups of prime-power order.
  • 11/17/2021 to 12/11/2021: Gödel’s First Incompleteness Theorem: If F is a formal system capable of performing a certain amount of arithmetic and F is consistent, then we cannot prove every true statement in F.
  • 11/08/2021 to 11/17/2021: The Pasting Lemma: If f : A -> Y and g : B -> Y are continuous and A, B are open (closed) and agree on A ∩ B, then you can combine them to form a single continuous function h : A ∪ B -> Y where h(x) = f(x) on A and h(x) = g(x) on B.
  • 11/03/2021 to 11/08/2021: Fermat's Little Theorem: If a is an integer and p is a prime, then p divides (ap - a).
  • 10/28/2021 to 11/03/2021: Lagrange's Theorem (Group Theory): If G is a finite group, and H is a subgroup of G, then the order of H divides the order of G. Furthermore, the number of distinct left (right) cosets of H in G is given by the order of G divided by the order of H.
  • 10/21/2021 to 10/28/2021: The Incredible Shrinking Theorem: A topological space X is normal if and only if for every pair of open sets U and V that union to X, there exist open sets U' and V' such that U' ∪ V' = X, the closure of U' is a subset of U, and the closure of V' is a subset of V.
  • 09/16/2021 to 10/21/2021: The Heine-Borel Theorem: This theorem characterizes compactness (the next best thing to being finite) on the real line: a set is compact if and only if 1) it is closed and bounded 2) every sequence in the set has a convergent subsequence or 3) every open cover has a finite subcover.
  • 09/07/2021 to 09/16/2021: The Schroeder-Berstein Theorem: If you have a one-to-one function from the set A to the set B and a one-to-one function from the set B to the set A, then the sets A and B are the same cardinality.
  • 08/31/2021 to 09/07/2021: The Squeeze Theorem: If a function h is "squeezed" between two other functions f and g and the limit of f at x is equal to the limit of g at x, then the limit of h at x is the same value.
  • 08/23/2021 to 08/31/2021: Cantor's Power Set Theorem: A set and its power set (the set of all subsets of that set) do not have the same cardinality (size).
  • 07/13/2021 to 08/23/2021: Fubini's Theorem: The order of integration does not matter when integrating a continuous function on a rectangular region. This theorem generalizes to higher dimensions as well.
  • 06/16/2021 to 07/13/2021: The Undecidability of the Halting Problem: It is impossible to create a Turing machine (read: "computer program") that can determine whether another Turing machine halts or not.
  • 06/07/2021 to 06/16/2021: The Parallel Postulate: In Euclidean space, given a line L and a point P not on L, there exists exactly one line parallel to L that goes through P.
  • 05/18/2021 to 06/07/2021: The Central Limit Theorem: The sum of a large number of independent and identically distributed random variables can be approximated well by a normal distribution.
  • 05/05/2021 to 05/18/2021: The Fundamental Theorem of Counting: If there are m ways to do something and n ways of doing something else, then there are m * n ways of doing both actions.
  • 04/25/2021 to 05/05/2021: The Weierstrass Approximation Theorem: Any continuous function can be approximated to any degree of accuracy by a polynomial function.
  • 04/16/2021 to 04/25/2021: The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, Part 2: The sum of all the "little changes" is equal to the net change on an interval. (In symbols, the definite integral from a to b of f'(x)dx is equal to f(b) - f(a).)
  • 04/10/2021 to 04/16/2021: The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, Part 1: Integration (finding the "total change") and differentiation (finding the "instantaneous rate of change") are inverse operations.
  • 04/01/2021 to 04/10/2021: The Four Color Theorem: Any planar graph can be colored with at most four colors with no two regions sharing a common boundary having the same color.
  • 03/19/2021 to 04/01/2021: The Archimedean Property: For any real number r, there exists a natural number n > r.
  • 03/11/2021 to 03/19/2021: Lagrange's Remainder Theorem: Suppose f is differentiable N + 1 times and let S_n be the nth order Taylor polynomial of f. Then, there exists a |c| < |x| such that the error f(x) - SN(x) equals f(N+1)(c) * xN+1 / (N + 1)!. This theorem establishes a bound on the difference between a function and the Taylor polynomial being used to estimate it.
  • 02/27/2021 to 03/11/2021: The Cayley Tree Formula: The number of distinct trees with n vertices (with the vertices labeled) is equal to nn-2.
  • 02/19/2021 to 02/27/2021: The Differentiable Limit Theorem: If a sequence of differentiable functions converge pointwise to a function f and the derivatives converge uniformly to a function g, then f' = g. In other words, under these conditions, we can interchange limits and derivatives.
  • 02/12/2021 to 02/19/2021: The Rank-Nullity Theorem: For any matrix A with m rows and n columns, rank(A) + nullity(A) = n. An interpretation is that the number of bound variables plus the number of free variables equals the total number of variables.
  • 02/05/2021 to 02/12/2021: The Mean Value Theorem: If a function is continuous on the interval [a, b] and differentiable on the interval (a, b), then there exists a point in (a, b) where the instantaneous rate of change equals the average rate of change.
  • 01/29/2021 to 02/05/2021: The First Theorem of Graph Theory: The sum of the degrees of the vertices in a graph is equal to twice the number of edges. (The degree of a vertex is the number of edges incident with it.)
  • 01/21/2021 to 01/29/2021: The Intermediate Value Theorem: Suppose a function f is continuous on a closed interval [a, b]. For any value L between f(a) and f(b), there exists a value c between a and b where f(c) = L.
  • 01/06/2021 to 01/21/2021: De Morgan's Laws: The complement of A and B is not A or not B. The complement of A or B is not A and not B.
  • 01/01/2021 to 01/06/2021: The Quotient-Remainder Theorem: For any natural number d and integer n, there exist unique integers q and r such that n = qd + r and 0 ≤ r < d.
  • 12/02/2020 to 01/01/2021: The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic: Every positive integer greater than one can be expressed as a unique (up to order) product of primes.
  • 11/23/2020 to 12/02/2020: The Uncountability of the Reals: There exist many more real numbers than natural numbers (i.e.: the reals have a greater cardinality than the natural numbers).
  • 11/17/2020 to 11/23/2020: The Invertible Matrix Theorem: This theorem gives several conditions that are equivalent to a matrix having an inverse.
  • 11/09/2020 to 11/17/2020: The Axiom of Completeness: Every nonempty subset of the real numbers that is bounded above has a least upper bound.
  • 11/02/2020 to 11/09/2020: The Alternating Series Test: If a sequence (an) is a monotonically decreasing sequence that converges to zero, then the infinite alternating series Σ(-1)nan converges.
  • 10/26/2020 to 11/02/2020: The Bolzano-Weierstrass Theorem: Every bounded sequence of real numbers contains a convergent subsequence.
  • 10/15/2020 to 10/26/2020: The Projective Desargues Theorem: If two triangles are in perspective from a point, then their pairs of corresponding sides meet on a line.

Alternate Accounts


  1. Heuristic_Arrow (Heuristically_Alone + Ircher)
  2. Maker_of_Zanos (BTD6_Maker + Ircher)
  3. Computer_Cat (RachMarie + Ircher)
  4. LAMIST (Creature + Ircher)
  5. Auscher (Ausuka + Ircher)
  6. The Searchers (SirCakez + Ircher)
  7. Mathematical Demon (Jake the Wolfie + Ircher)
  8. Sequence (Bell + Ircher)
  9. Emotion Calculus (Noraa + Ircher)
  10. War and Peace (samantha97 + Ircher)
  11. The Resistance (Titus + Ircher)


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