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"Bah!" post

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In general, when a player has died or otherwise been finally removed from the game, they may not post in the game thread until the game is over.

However, some players like to make a brief comment along the lines of saying "bah!" shortly after it is revealed that they are dead. A pro-Town player may say "Go Town!" while a member of the Mafia who has been lynched may say "Go Scum!". This is called a "Bah!" post.

If you are thinking of doing this, please bear in mind the following very important points:

  • A "Bah!" post cannot contain any game-related information. It is completely unacceptable, for example, for an officially-dead Cop to post the results of any investigations after they are dead, or for a dead player to propose that someone should be lynched next.
  • Some Moderators do not allow "Bah!" posts under any circumstances. Check the Moderator's rules first. If you're not sure, PM the Mod before doing anything.