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Vanilla Cop

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Vanilla Cop
Alignment: any
Role type:
  • Informative
  • Night

A Vanilla Cop is similar to a Role Cop, in that it is an investigative role that can receive the role name of its target, but not an alignment. The difference between the two is that a Vanilla Cop only receives results in the form of "Vanilla" or "Not Vanilla".


There are three variations of Vanilla Cop:

  • "Vanilla" results are given for any role that doesn't have any individual powers (e.g., Vanilla Townie, Mafia Goon, a Serial Killer with no other powers); "Not Vanilla" results are given on all others.
  • "Vanilla" results are given only for Vanilla Townies; "Not Vanilla" is given for all other roles, including Mafia Goons. (This is sometimes called a Neapolitan.)
  • "Vanilla" results are given for any role that has the word Vanilla in it (including other Vanilla Cops).

Normal Guidelines

Vanilla Cop is considered Normal on When the role is called "Vanilla Cop", Vanilla Townies, Mafia Goons, and Serial Killers with no additional powers return a "Vanilla" result, while all other roles return "not Vanilla".

The Neapolitan variant is also considered Normal, but must be named "Neapolitan" to distinguish it from the preceding version.

Use and Power

Although slightly weaker than a Role Cop, a Vanilla Cop can be useful for both town and scum; they can help town players catch out a lie or help mafia narrow down the pool of town power roles.