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Disney Villains Mafia (modded by Guy_Named_Riggs)

  This game. This fucking game. I was Percival C. McLeach, a the villain from The Rescuers Down Under. He's one of my favorite Disney villains, and I was honored to play as him. I got to yell at people and all the while chuckle secretly that I was staying in character. Town played pretty terribly, I must say. They quicklynched town at least twice before I could tell them not to. One of the times they did it, it was on a claimed cop (LlamaFluff). The best part about that one was, they lynched him after his claimed guilty result had already flipped scum. It would have been hilarious if not for the horror of it all.

  But then again, maybe it was hilarious after all. It did pretty much set the tone for the game, which was: Pretty much the entire town playing hilariously badly. Umbrage yelled and screamed and capsraged and pushed obviously, terribly wrong reads all damn game. I don't think a single one of his reads was right. LlamaFluff plunked his hindquarters firmly down on the Umbrage wagon and refused to budge (there is some merit in that strategy, I must admit). Klick hammered himself as town in a 5p situation and fingered town as the final scum. MattP played so scummily throughout the entire game that I ended up hammering him in LyLo instead of the actual scum. And then of course I actually hammered MattP instead of Salamence in LyLo. And pretty much every single one of us ignored Salamence (a claimed miller) long enough that he made it to LyLo in the first place!

  As I said, all in all, it was hilariously bad by everyone involved. But somehow, it was still one of the Most Enjoyable Games I have played on this site, to date. And Salamence really did earn his Most Cunning Manipulation nomination, in my book. Miller claim or no, he played solidly, and there were no links to his teammates strong enough that I grokked that he was scum with them over other people. I was completely blindsided when the mod flipped MattP as town and told us we had lost the game. It was epic, and I got schooled so badly that I had to laugh at myself. :D

Quotes from this game

"I basically agree with Uber." – drmyshotgun
"UN is a wildcard" – LlamaFluff
"UN might not be confirmed, but if he is scum, I'm willing to lose to him." – Klick
"I just reread my role PM and UN and I are masons ¯\_(ツ)_/¯" – MattP
"UN's reads were wonderful. He did amazing in this game." – Klick
"If Salamence actually is scum this is an epic troll" – UberNinja
"Good thing I'm town... UN. I think we won." – Salamence20