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Telephone Pictionary: Asynchronous Transfer Mode/Chain I

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Chain I: Techno Elf's Chain

Techno Elf - Phrase

The young slave rabbit and his master are going for a jolly picnic

Drench - Picture

Telnet I1.png

Xalxe - Phrase

The S&M bunnies enjoy their picnic lunch in the woods.

Rin - Picture

Telnet I2shrunk.png

Empking - Phrase

In a clearing in the woods, two leather-wearing bunnies get ready to eat a picnic as a white donkey comes to join them.

Antagon - Picture

Telnet I3.png

sword_of_omens - Phrase

The bunnies only brought a box of tissues for their picnic in the forrest, which attracted the elusive, tiny white bengal tiger.

xRECKONERx - Picture

Telnet I4.png

Tierce - Phrase

Between the indifferent rabbit and sad ginger cat sits a box of tissues.

Nexus - Picture

Telnet I5.jpg

DrippingGoofball - Phrase

This rabbit isn't falling for that old trap, where a cat pretends to cry and jumps the rabbit to eat it, when the rabbit hands him a Kleenex to wipe his tears.

TurtleFail - Picture

Telnet I6.png

Om of the Nom - Phrase

The bunny kept trying to offer the sad cat a tissue, but it kept getting eaten, until it decided to not offer a tissue and survive.