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Name: Soulair

Player: Otaku376

Race: Elf

Description: Standing an unimpressive 5'4" with an athletic yet lithe frame, Soulair looks much younger than she actually is. Her dark hair, almost a blueish tint, is cut short, with bangs hanging over her eyes. Mysteriously, her left eye is a rich blue and her right a gentle green. Her skin is fairer than most, giving the assumption she has spent less time in the blistering sun than most, yet her very aura radiates an outdoorsy, comforting feeling. Her smile is warm and inviting like the sunshine, and her eyes twinkle like the stars.

Artist composition


0 0 0 0


4 Empathy 4 Acuity 5-1 Strength 3+1 Power
3+1 Charisma 4 Reason 7+1 Coordination 5 Purpose


  • 0 Status
  • 0 Reputation
  • 1 Wealth
  • 2 Karma


Initial value: (14)

HEART Skills

  • 1 Negotiations
  • 1 Bluff
  • 1 Intuition

MIND Skills

BODY Skills

  • 2 Swordskill (CRD)
  • 2 Archery
  • 2 Stealth
  • 1 Slight of Hand
  • 1 Acrobatics
  • 1 Evasion


  • 1 Focus
  • 1 Willpower


Orphaned at a young age, Soulair was taken in by a kindly couple of Humans who ran a small inn. She grew up hard worked but very happy. She was also very mischievious, causing her foster parents no small amount of grief. She would sneak out at night past curfew, 'borrow' money from the safe, and other such shenanigans. Her good nature however always led her to confess the misdeeds and she always returned what she took and accepted her consequences with a maturity beyond her age.

When she was 16, her foster parents were killed in the night. She was out in the city heading home when it happened. Coming home to the bloody mess behind the bar counter, she was horrified. Before being noticed, she ran back into the city, once again alone.

She spent a few months living off the streets like the other rogues, and even toyed with the idea of joining a thieves' guild. She had been scouted more than once, a reputation building on the underground. Her good conscious would not allow that however, and after she had secured herself enough to support herself, she started working at a local tavern. She occasionally still used her skills to "bend the laws" when she felt the law was wrong but was always a well to do citizen looking in the interests of those who could not for themselves.

A little lonely, but she had gotten used to it now. She lived her life day by day and could expect nothing else.