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Prox is a scummer on His name comes from a shortened version of the phrase "Paradox" and other, more personal sources. He is currently inconsistent in his play and still has newbie tendencies, which he says he is improving as games continue.

Mafia Record

Here, you find a quick record of all the games Prox has taken part in. Only includes games that Prox finished or is still in. Games he left can be found further below.

Game Name W/L Moderator Role Alignment Death Outcome
 Newbie 981 Win KittyMo, then Excedrin Townie Town  Night 1  Town Win on Day 2
 Mini 1018––DNA Evidence Win Shepherd_of_Wolves Mafia Goon Mafia  Day 2  Scum Win on Day 5
 Open 236 - Pamplona Mafia (C9++) [Replaced in D1] N/A Nobody Special Mafia Godfather Mafia  Lynched on Day 3  Scum Win on Day 4
 Mini #1022- PokeUPick N/A Robocopter87 N/A N/A  N/A  In Progress
 Tarot Mafia[Began as hydra Capn and switched to Prox] N/A dramonic N/A N/A  N/A  In Progress

Also participated in a short stint in Open 233: Ninja Mafia Boogaloo before subbing out.

Game 1 (Vanilla Townie)

Newbie 983

(Finished): Won By Town, But Prox was eliminated Night 1

Day 1 Began game (Day 1) and began to attack Drmyshottyizsik due to his supposed scummy behavior. Suddenly, when the IC (Seraphim began to attack that same player, Prox quickly changed his mind about Drmyshottyizsik and declared him a VI. As a result, he was accused of being scum by Seraphim and soon brought to L-1. After huge amounts of Appeal to Emotion, Buddying, and refusing to claim at L-1, he was written off as a newbie townie and instead a member of the mafia was then quickly lynched: the player Hinduragi.

Night 1 The following Night (Night 1), Prox was Night Killed by the mafia.

Day 2 At the start of Day 2, Prox, in his bah-post announced his gladness that he was Night Killed instead of the Cop Seraphim who had claimed his role the Day earlier. The Cop and IC Seraphim was V/LA until the game ended. Because a Backup Moderator was now modding the game, he was unaware that Seraphim was V/LA and replaced him. The substitute Kison announced that the Cop scan the following Night had found a member of the mafia. That player was lynched and the game was over. Kison pointed out that the mafia had made a grave mistake not Night Killing the Cop instead of Prox, due to the fact that the mafia had no role blocker in their ranks, signifying that there was also no Doc playing in that Newbie Game.

Game 2 (XXX)

Mini 1018––DNA Evidence

Because of the greater tendency of players to be able to get away with their actions because of their skill level in Newbie Games, as well as the fact that VI's seemed common to him there, instead of joining another Newbie Game, Prox decided to sign up for a Mini-Theme Game.

The game is currently beginning at Day 1.