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Normal Game

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This page describes what is considered to be "Normal" on These guidelines are intended to enforce common expectations of games, such that all games called "Normal" are reasonably balanced and not deviant from what one would reasonably expect in a standard game of Mafia.

If you are not moderating on, you are not bound by this page. You may, however, still find the setup rules helpful when trying to design basic Mafia games.

If you are moderating on in the Newbie, Open, or Normal queues, your game must follow the appropriate guidelines below.


  • In Newbie Games, only Mafia flavor is allowed, and Role PMs should follow the standard set by the List Mod.
  • In Open, Mini Normal, and Large Normal games, flavor is allowed provided these rules are followed:
    • All flavor should be public; flavor is not allowed in Role PMs. Role names should be standard, or non-flavored if original.
    • Flavor should have no bearing on the game - it should be possible for a player to read only the role reveals posted with the death scene and gain all information needed to play. This information should be formatted to stand out from the flavor.
    • Flavor not based on Mafia must be entirely original. Games based on books, moves, video games, sports, real people, or any other source material are classified as Theme Games.


  • Closed Normal Games should satisfy the following rules:
  • The game should have at least one Mafia or Werewolf group (of at least two members). A second anti-town group can be given a separate Mafia family name, or can be a Werewolf group. There should be no more than two mafia/werewolf factions, and no more than one Serial Killer.
  • The game must contain at least one Vanilla Townie (allowed names include: Townie, Vanilla Townie, Innocent Townsperson, Citizen). A sample Role PM for the Vanilla Townie must be included in the rules post.
  • Mechanics which are explicitly Non-Normal include:
    • Those affecting a role's alignment (no Cults).
    • Anything which significantly affects the core mechanic of majority/plurality lynches (no Kingmaker, for example).
    • Anything resolving with a random element, with the exception of missed night choices. It must be included in the public ruleset if you are resolving night choices in this way.
    • Post Restrictions (other than those included in the ruleset, such as "No quoting your Role PM").
    • Lying to the players, including False Role Reveals and "Scum Masons".
    • Night action redirection (no Bus Driver, Lightning Rod, Nexus, or Redirector).
    • Returning "No Result" to Trackers who do not see their target go anywhere (in favor of "Your target did not visit anyone").
    • Alignments other than Mafia/Werewolf, Pro-Town, and Serial Killer (no Survivor, Lyncher, or Jester).
    • Hydra accounts.


Open and Semi-Open Games can ignore some of these restrictions; though this section is still under construction.