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Messiah Complex

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Messiah Complex is a hydra featuring Desperado and Formerfish as heads.

Messiah Complex has two games completed as of 1/20/2014

A uPick of Fire & Ice: Resulted in a Scum win

Mafia Traitor, Lynched on day 9

This is the first game that Desperado and Formerfish had played as Messiah Complex. Playing as the Mafia Traitor, with a 1-shot self watcher/conditional roleblocking ability, they were unable to communicate at all with their scum team and did not have the ability to get recruited at any point in the game. Their performance in this game earned them a nomination for the Most Cunning Manipulator Award for 2014.

Mini 1507: We The Purple: Resulted in a Town Win

Vanilla Townie, Killed night 5

In the second game played together under Messiah Complex, Desperado and Formerfish helped lead the town to a win in this Mini game. Leading the charge against two of the three Mafia team members (Natirasha and MafiaSSK), this was a contributing factor to their death at the hands of scum night 5. Town was carried to a win by The Generic Method, Imperium, and Kuribo during MYLO where they lynched Cabd.

Town Record: 1 win, 0 losses (100%)

Scum Record: 1 win, 0 losses (100%)