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  • Jailer
  • Gaoler
  • Alien
Alignment: any
Role type:
  • Protective
  • Manipulative
  • Night

Base Role

A Jailkeeper (or Jailer)'s Night Action is one that protects its target from kills, but also Roleblocks its target. Unlike Doctor, Jailkeeper's protection extends to stopping every kill that would resolve on the target by default.

Because it is a combination Doctor and Roleblocker, Jailkeeper has a myriad of uses while not allowing broken combinations or exactly confirming anyone as Town or scum. Thus, it has risen to prominence as a very popular power role.

Because it is a Roleblocker, Jailkeeper is never allowed to self-target.

This role is a non-bastard version of Paranoid Doctor.


Some Jailkeepers not only protect their target from all kills, but also render its target untargetable by all other actions during that Night. This variant is also known as Alien.

Normal Guidelines

A Jailkeeper that simultaneously blocks and protects their target is considered Normal on, provided that any mutual blocking scenarios are planned for during review. Any role that receives results (such as Tracker or Watcher) but is blocked should receive a "no result" message, rather than told their target didn't go anywhere or nobody visited their target. A Jailkeeper cannot stop a Strongman from committing a kill.

Use and Power

By combining the best of Doctor and Roleblocker, Jailkeepers are always solid mid-level power roles for Town that are safe for combining with other power roles. Mafia Jailkeepers are not unheard of, but overkill for many games as they can generally get by with either a Doctor or a Roleblocker.

Sample Role PM

  • Welcome, [Player Name], you are a Town Jailkeeper.


  • Each night, you may jailkeep a player in the game by PM'ing the mod. You will simultaneously roleblock and protect that player from one nightkill.

Win condition:

  • You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated and there is at least one town player alive.