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EPYC: Chains of Glory/Chain 3

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Chain 3: Furry's Chain

27. Furry - Phrase

"Lightning struck the fluffy bunny."

28. Porochaz - Picture


29. StrangerCoug - Phrase

"Lightning produced green smoke thick enough to carry a bunny."

30. Jahudo - Picture


31. implosion - Phrase

"Fun things happen when rabbits take drugs."

32. Korts - Picture


33. Chevre - Phrase

"In the seventies, bunnies did drugs."

34. Sudo_Nym - Picture


35. Nikanor - Phrase

"The bunny is knitting peacefully."

36. Brandi - Picture


37. Faraday - Phrase

"The pink rabbit loved to knit stuff."

38. bvoigt - Picture


39. Mina - Phrase

"The cheerful pink bunny rabbit dreams of love as his paws are shackled to a green chocolate bar."